Abyss Scuba Diving

Marcus Rimmeld


Marcus learnt to dive in school as part of an ocean studies subject in 1993 and progressed to Advanced Open Water that year.

After many years away from diving, he rediscovered his passion for the ocean and diving in 2014 while holidaying on a tropical island named Boracay in the Philippines. This has led to Marcus travelling back to the Philippines every year since to explore and dive their 7107 tropical islands and Coral reefs. His favourite dive locations in the Philippines are the WWII shipwrecks of Coron Island and the Thresher Sharks of Malapasqua.

Marcus also loves exploring Australia's dive locations and has experienced Southwest Rocks, Montague Island, Bushrangers Bay and Nelson's Bay to name a few. But when he dives in Sydney he has a soft spot for Voodoos and Magic Point.

His passion for diving led him to pursue a part time career as a dive professional when he obtained his PADI Dive Master certification in 2017 and then becoming a PADI Instructor in 2019. His favourite course to teach is the PADI Wreck Diving course through Abyss at the HMAS Adelaide in Terrigal and loves taking his students down to "Get Wrecked". Marcus has worked with Abyss since 2017 and has also worked on a live aboard boat on The Great Barrier Reef.