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Scuba Boat Custom Built For Sydney Divers

It is always interesting listening to people after they have been on a dive boat to see what they thought about it. The actual underwater experience always comes up in the discussion but as well as what marine life they have seen on the dive, the actual boat itself is also critically discussed. It is from all these dive boat discussions, over the past 30 years that I have been diving, that allowed us to come up with what was needed on our custom dive boat build. With speed, comfort and stability being top of the list we started form this.

Everyone is always so busy these days. No one wants to spend hours on a dive boat getting to the site. For this reason, the Abyss dive boat has been powered by 3 x 300 HP Yamaha out boards. This allows for fast trips out and back so we can get to sites other operators do not do and allow divers to get a double dive in and be home by lunch time to hang with their family.

Most dives depart from Sans Souci boat ramp. This ramp is just five minute’s down the road from Abyss Scuba Diving allowing for easy gear collection but most importantly has plenty of unmetered, untimed parking with minimal distance to carry your gear.

I hear you ask is there a toilet. Yes, there is. I never really like to use a toilet on a boat and with most runs only bring 3.5 hours I can normally hold on but some time you just have to go. The boat has been fitted with a toilet which the skipper takes pride in keep in clean and tidy. So, if you need to go do not be scared and head on down and check it out.

Sometimes on boats gear can end up everywhere and you cannot find your gear when you are getting gear up. The boat has been designed so each passenger has an area for two tanks to be strapped in so no need to be lifting tanks from under a seat. As well as this each passenger has a dive tub under their seat to put all the extra belongings like hoods, gloves and lights.

Ladders are an area that can make a break a dive for me. If the steps are too far apart, they are too hard for short people like me. If the first run is not deep enough tall people find it hard. If the entry is not wide enough side mount divers can not fit. Well, all of this was though about in the design, and we have it all covered. So, climbing out of the water is easy on the Abyss Dive Boat. As well as this our skipper is always there to help you get your fins off. With two ladders there is minimal waiting to get back on board

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Once back on board the boat has been fitted with two hot showers on the back deck. This is a great way to warm up after your dive and get that salt water out of your hair. Oh, it feels so good to jump under the hot shower after a dive and wash all that salt water away. I bring along some conditioner and give my hair wash before the saltwater dreads set in.

The appearance and  design of the Abyss Dive boat is very similar to the rescue boats so it can handle big seas and is super stable minimising sea sickness and making it easy to gear up or gear done. With plenty of air flow at the back of the boat if you feel you need to get some fresh air you certainly can. The front of the boat had an extended cabin so if divers feeling a little cold, they can move into that area and be protected from the wind. The whole boat is covered so rain and sun are no issues.

Boat Layout

There has been twenty years of information gathing on the specific needs of Sydney divers in terms of a  dive boat and then building this custom designed boat around those specific needs. 

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Boat Diving PackageBy Rachael Fallon


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