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Dive & Dine

There’s no better way to kick off the weekend than to jump on our Friday afternoon Dine & Dive single boat dive. Kerryn Blanch, one of our customers on the first Dive & Dine boat commented:  “What a perfect way to finish the week – with Abyss dive and dine. Always great diving, and friendship. Get out and blow some bubbles!!” We board the boat at the St. George Motor Boat Club dock and head out to the best diving site for the conditions on the day for a lovely twilight boat dive. After enjoying the dive, pop your gear down at your seat and enjoy the lovely warm showers on board the boat – bring your conditioner & give your hair a treat too!

 A 5pm departure allows us to have an idea of visibility from earlier dives that day, which gives you the best chance of getting a great dive in. Whether we end up diving inside or outside the bay, you’ll have the best of the diving that day! Another customer on board, Robin, speaking on his experience on the first Dine & Dive said “That was an amazing twilight dive!! Awesome vis, huge weedies, giant cuttles, and a ride back to the ramp watching that beautiful sunset! Such a great way to wind down the week! Thanks for the great dive!!”

 After the dive enjoy a relaxing cruise back into the motorboat club while the sun sets over the bay, chatting to both new & old dive friends on board. Bring a drink on board to sip while watching the sunset on the ride back makes for a perfect end to your week. Rae-Leigh’s review of the evening particularly highlighted the sunset: “After a long work week, what a wonderful way to bring in the weekend. Not only was the dive spectacular at the whale watching platform, but we all got to curb those post dive food cravings with a delicious meal at the motorboat club. It was stunning watching the sunset on the boat ride back. I can’t wait for the next one!”

 Once we’re safely docked, pack your gear away for the night, & get changed into your dinner wear. Don’t worry, nothing fancy! There is access to shower facilities and change rooms at the motor boat club if you’d like as well. Then we all head upstairs to enjoy a cold bevvy and dinner with a great group of diving friends!

 All in all, Kat summed up the Dive & Dive Boat Dives perfectly with her review of the evening: “A perfect way to end the week with a bit of vitamin sea to decompress and get into weekend mode…Plus good food, a sneaky beverage and always great company” – Kat Mielke

Come along & join us for our next Dive & Dine night!


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