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Scuba Diving Is A Very Social Activity


Scuba Diving Is A Very Social Activity

When divers go diving it can be an activity that takes most of the day. Some Divers turn up not knowing anyone and others turn up with mates/buddies they knowMany divers show up at the Abyss dive centre an hour before the dive. They do this so they can have a cup of coffee from the Ramsgate Cakery next door while having a chat with their buddy. They then collect their gear and drive out to the site, and many times this means sharing a lift with their mates so they can continue the discussion about their latest dive adventure on the way to the dive.

After completing their dive, which takes about an hour comes the surface interval. During the surface interval, they drink the hot soup, eat the bread roles and chat about the amazing things they encountered during the dive.

After the second dive they head back to the shop, and after washing their gear at the back of the dive centre in the area provided before they head across to the Intersection hotel for a beer or two while they discuss the adventures of the day and to plan the next adventure. The divers go home at the end of the day having spent eight to ten hours involved with the activity of diving but only spending two hours blowing bubbles. The remaining six to eight hours was purely the social aspect of diving. Scuba diving is an extremely social activity.

Build on the pub concept Abyss now has FREE Beer and Pizza at the dive centre after the regular Sunday dives at 3:00 pm. This social activity includes free beer and pizza at the table at the front of the shop while you sit down with your buddy, fill out your logbook and plan your next adventure.

Taking the concept one step further, as part of the Pizza and Beer activity we have regular guest speakers to discuss various aspects of diving. These speakers give a fifteen-to-thirty-minute presentation on the topic and this is followed by a question and answer session on the topic.

The topics we cover are broad-reaching but totally scuba based. We look at travel to dive destinations around Sydney, NSW, Australia and the world. We talk about the various aspects of underwater photography. Marine life, scuba diving equipment, freediving, diver training and first aid. Our guest speakers included people like Dive Travel Agents, dive equipment manufacturers, our PADI instructors, representatives of PADI and other divers.

Scuba diving is an extremely social activity and the Abyss Sunday afternoon Free Pizza and Beer is a great way to relax after your dives, get to better know your dive buddy and plan your next diving adventure. We hope you can join in for a pizza and a beer with us.

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