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Want To Start Diving?


Want to start diving?

Everyone that has ever been on a scuba diving trip has thought about diving with sharks. I’m no exception to this! In this article, I’ll go over the top reasons why you should dive with sharks. One of the main reasons is to help with shark conservation.

Scuba diving with sharks is somewhat controversial because many species of sharks have been over-fished for their fins. Sharks have been a part of our oceans for about 420 million years. It is estimated that up to 100 million sharks per year are killed just for their fins! Over half of all shark species are threatened or near threatened with extinction due to commercial fishing for their fins and meat, as well as being caught as bycatch.

Are you starting to think about a new hobby? Scuba diving is a great option. There are many reasons to start this as a fun and interesting way to spend your time that still gives you plenty of opportunities for vacations.

Many people don't even know how to dive, which can sound extremely scary at first, but with the proper training from an accredited program like Abyss Diving Sydney it becomes one of the most rewarding activities out there! Once those initial fears have been conquered, scuba diving opens up the entire underwater world - now available for exploration!

Seek Adventure Close to Home

Diving is an activity that most people find inherently interesting with a great sense of adventure. There are plenty of reasons to dive - here's some:

  1. To explore the depths and hidden treasures on the sea floor;
  2. To observe animals like turtles, sharks and dolphins;
  3. To experience breath-taking wonders such as shipwrecks, colourful coral reefs or large marine animals like giant squid and humpback whales.
  4. To experience the relaxation the underwater world gives you.
  5. To go places most people merly dream of. Scuba diving can bring you to depths that no other sport or activity allows. In the span of a day, you can feel like an explorer as you dive deep into salt water caves and swim alongside sperm whales with their calves in the clear blue waters of the Pacific. At shallower depths, creatures such as stingrays, barracuda and octopuses are waiting for your exploration.

We can't blame you for wanting to start diving, and we're happy that the idea has crossed your mind! Here are some reasons why people dive.

So what kind of person should consider scuba-diving? Certainly open water certification is necessary before jumping into the deep end, but to find out if you're a match for this sport all it takes is one conversation with an experienced diver. They'll tell you about the incredible underwater world awaiting discovery beneath Sydney's waves, offer suggestions on great experiences both during the day or night dives are available at various depths--they are ready to answer any questions about equipment needed to join this "family." Ready to take up SCUBA Diving as a hobby? Let Abyss Scuba Divers show you how! 

What New Dives Say About Starting To Dive