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How To Pick A Dive Shop That's Right For You


How to Pick a Dive Shop that's Right for You

If you are one who thrives on new experiences, then you are probably considering diving as a hobby. It is one of the most thrilling sports, but it does come with risks. Despite this, many people have entered the world of scuba diving, and they have never looked back.
You can never predict how your first dive will go, but if you follow the suggestions below, you will greatly increase your chances of having a successful dive experience.

The Dive Shop

Knowing how to pick a dive shop that is right for you may seem like it isn't important, and yet if the shop doesn't meet your needs then it could be frustrating for both you and your diving buddies. When trying to figure out what place suits us best we ask ourselves several questions:
Do they have a full range of experience levels, or are they specialized in certain groups, such as open water divers only? Is the shop offering a range of dives to meet your needs? Is the staff knowledgeable about reef ecology and conservation issues? Does the shop have an active dive club attached to it? Do they offer the equipment you need? The answers will change between individuals, but ultimately personal preference wins out.

Since Abyss Scuba Diving in Sydney strives to maintain customer loyalty by meeting or exceeding expectations in all areas, whether a new diver eager for all of the excitement that comes from high-energy boat dives and shore dives on weekends, or a vacationer seeking help from our team to plan a tropical diving trip as they take in the stunningly clear blue waters of the Pacific.

Diving is an activity that’s just as much related to what happens on the surface as it is when you blow bubbles. Talk to the dive shopabout the social side of their diving, what happens during the surface intervals and after your dives. Find out about their dive club. Check their social media to see how active they actually are.

A diver's satisfaction can be greatly influenced by their choice of dive shop. A person who seeks advice on which dive center to choose should look for friendly, knowledgeable staff members. The best dive centers are family-friendly with activities that the whole family can enjoy together, accommodating gear sizes and accommodating children who are not yet ready for scuba certification programs. Regardless of the location or type of equipment an individual needs, there is a reputable dive store near them that will be able to meet their needs.

Choose A PADI Five Star

With more than 6,200 PADI dive centres and resorts, and more than 136,000 PADI Professionals who have issued more than 23 million certifications around the world, you will find PADI diver courses and scuba diving services nearly everywhere.

The 5-Star PADI Dive Center status is awarded to progressive PADI Dive Centers that excel at providing dive consumers with a full range of diver education programs, equipment selection, and experience opportunities. 5-Star PADI Dive Centers also encourage aquatic environmental awareness, remain active within their communities, and present an image which is consistent with or exceeds the norm in the marketplace.

Abyss Scuba Diving - Sydney

Abyss Scuba Diving were established in 2000 and have been providing excellent customer service since the beginning. When you stop in to our dive centre, we'll help you find just what you need whether it's a dive with us, a course, tank fill or a full set of dive equipment. You also have the option of booking courses online, which is easy to do if diving is new to you and we offer everything from beginner level courses to the highest level PADI dive instructor training so there's always something new for everyone no matter their experience level! We go to great depths to ensure your diving fun!

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