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Should I Take A Rescue Diver Course?


Should I take a rescue diver course?

A question I receive quite regularly is “Should I take a rescue diver course?”. Hopefully the following will give you an insight into what the qualifications are, what you can expect from them, whether or not they are valuable for your diving activities and how they will help you.

Let’s start with what is a rescue diver course.

The PADI Rescue Diver program is 2 days of in-water training plus approximately 8-12 hours of PADI eLearning. The program teaches you how to deal with dive emergencies, both minor and major, by using a variety of techniques. Through knowledge development and rescue exercises, you will gain valuable experience. During rescue scenarios, you will put into practice your knowledge and skills.

Should I take a rescue diver course?

The answer to this question is rather easy: yes every scuba diver should become a rescue diver. You should do it to maximize your own safety and to maximize the security of your buddy. The PADI Rescue Diver course will change the way you dive – in the best possible way. You will learn to identify and fix minor problems before they turn into big issues, gain lots of confidence and have fun along the way.

Can I begin the rescue diver course?

Before beginning your PADI rescue diver course, you must be PADI Advanced with EFR Primary and Secondary Care training (or equivalent training) within the last 2 years.

So Should I take a rescue diver course?

Enhance Your Scuba Skills and Confidence Underwater:
Divers describe the PADI Rescue Diver course as being the “most challenging, yet most rewarding course” for good reason. The course will teach you problem-solving skills until they become second nature. These skills will play out both on top of the water and underneath, until you are able to complete them confidently. Confidence is gained by training, which is exactly what the Rescue Diver course will provide in spades.

Improve Your Underwater Navigating Skills:
Underwater navigation is a skill that some of us were either able to master right away or we just couldn’t quite get the hang of. During the Rescue Diver Course, your navigation skills will be tested as you learn how to navigate, search and recover underwater.

After completing your rescue course, you will be the scuba diver that everyone wants to follow because you know where you are and where you’re going. Practicing underwater navigation fine-tunes your observation skills and teaches you to more accurately use your compass underwater. If you like challenges with big rewards, take this course and have fun finding your way.

PADI Rescue Diver Students Are Fully Prepared For Any Emergency Situation:
You and your fellow trainee rescue divers have all heard about the potential emergency situations that can occur while diving. But can you confidently say that you would know how to handle an emergency situation? That’s where the Rescue Diver course comes in! Rescue Diver training also includes Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care (CPR and First Aid) Training.

The PADI Rescue Diver course is a welcome challenge:
While the Rescue Diver course is quite serious and focused, it is also a welcome challenge. Your Instructor will keep you on your toes throughout the course as you are constantly surprised with different rescue scenarios.

Abyss Scuba Diving run a PADI Rescue Diver course aproximately every six weeks so you should attend one of these courses to become a safer and more capable diver.

What Dives Say About The PADI Rescue Course