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How To Fart Underwater


How to Fart Underwater

We were recently asked, "how can you fart underwater? It's impossible."
Yes, it is possible to do this. Not that you would want to; still, the information is worth knowing if you just need to let one rip from under the sea.

Technically, you can't fart underwater as such, but as humans we expel gas from our bodies all the time.
Another question we get asked a lot is, "What happens to all the gas bubbles if you surface too quickly?" Well, here's the answer… "You will explode!"

9 Interesting Facts about Underwater Farts

1. Farts Underwater are Silent
If you've ever tried to fart underwater, you know that they are silent. This is because the water pressure prevents the gas from escaping.

2. Farts Underwater are Smelly
However, just because they are silent doesn't mean they don't smell. In fact, farts underwater can be even smellier than farts in air!

3. Farts Underwater Displace Water
When you fart underwater, you create a bubble of gas that displaces the water around it. This can cause a small explosion if the bubble is large enough.

4. Farts Underwater can be used to Propel Yourself
If you're a good swimmer, you can use your fart bubbles to propel yourself through the water. Just make sure you don't let anyone know what you're up to!

5. Farts Underwater can be used to Make Bubbles
You can also use your fart bubbles to make larger bubbles in the water. Just blow into the water and watch the bubbles form!

6. Farts Underwater are Heavier than Air Farts
Because of the extra pressure from the water, farts underwater are actually heavier than air farts. So, if you want your fart to travel further, do it underwater!

7. Farts Underwater can be used to Clean Your Pool
If you have a pool, you can use your fart bubbles to clean it! The bubbles will help to dislodge any dirt or debris that is stuck to the sides of the pool.

8. Farts Underwater can be used to Power a submarine
Yes, it's true! In World War II, German submarines were powered by a process called "catalytic decomposition of methane." This process involved using methane gas (which is produced by farting) to power the engines. So, in a way, the German war effort was supported by farts!

9. Farting is Good for Your Health!
Believe it or not, farting is actually good for your health! When you fart, your body gets rid of excess gas and toxins that would otherwise build up and cause health problems. So let 'er rip!

What happens if you fart while scuba diving?

The deeper you dive, the harder it gets to release one. It will be extremely hard to fart when you dive below 7.5 meters. The closer you get to 10 Meters in depth it will become impossible to fart. Simply the deeper you go, the water pressure increases will slowly make it more difficult to release one until it is impossible to do so.

A great reference on this subject is Andrew Thompson's book "Can Holding in a Fart Kill You", which has more than 200 fun facts-from baffling and bizarre to enlightening.

Farting underwater is a strange phenomenon that scientists have studied for decades. It turns out that when you release gas, the bubbles are trapped in a pocket of air and collect along the streams created by your exhaling breath to create a soundless bubblegeous moment.

One fascinating fact is that farting for turtles is most likely to occur in water. Water allows them to relax, and they feel more at ease urinating, defecating, and letting one rip! You will likely see bubbles rise from their behind.

As long as you are above 10 metres, It is possible to fart underwater, but there are consequences for doing so. Remember, your fart will be twice as big from ten meters when it hits the surface.
So you think it’s a good idea to fart underwater? You can do that, but there are consequences you need to think about.


Why do farts smell worse in the shower?

If you thought it was only you who experienced the strong smell of passing gas in a steamy shower, think again! It's not like taking a hot shower unleashes magical powers that make flatulence more pungent. Instead, this is due to being trapped in a small and enclosed space where your farts don't really have anywhere else to go. What makes matters worse is the fact that when we are naked, there aren't any clothes or fabrics for our odoriferous air particles to stick onto or be contained within.

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