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How To Stop Your Dive Knife Rusting


How To Stop Your Dive Knife Rusting

A great scuba diving knife is useful for dealing with dangerous entanglements underwater. Ensure that your knife is always ready to go by taking care of it between dives.

Scuba diving knives rust because they are composed of steel. Steel is a type of metal that contains iron, and iron is vulnerable to rusting. Most stainless steel blades, which are designed to prevent staining and corrosion, start rusting. This is contrary to popular belief.

Several things can be done to minimize rusting but the only real way to prevent it entirely is to obtain a titanium dive knife. Stainless steel knives are easy to maintain and stay sharp for a while, but they require a bit more maintenance to prevent them from rusting. If you purchase a steel knife, follow these tips.


  • Inspect for corrosion, including inspecting the blade and locking mechanism
  • Clean light corrosion or buildup with a towel or toothbrush
  • Check locking mechanism or sheath lock for proper operation
  • Lubricate the knife with silicone grease before each dive


  • wash and rinse it through fresh water for at least 10 minutes every time you come out of the water
  • Wipe clean with a soft, paper towel or lint-free cloth
  • Apply a thin coat of silicone lubricant to prevent corrosion
  • Do not use petroleum-based lubricants

For long-term storage, when not diving, wrap in a cloth and store in an area where it is protected from salt water, such as between decks on a boat. Wash,dry thoroughly and lubricate after use.