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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Scuba Dive


How to Get the Most out of Your Next Scuba Dive

 Some divers don't know this but it's a fact - divers who explore with their buddy rather than just following along behind the divemaster enjoy the dive much more and are more likely to continue to dive. Why not be adventurous and try exploring as a buddy pair after hearing the dive brief?
When it comes to exploring a dive site, there are many more benefits to diving with a buddy pair than diving in a larger group.
  1. With Buddy Pair Diving, the sense of achievement is significantly more pronounced than it was when diving with the a group, as you are able to navigate through the dive site rather than being the back seat driver, simply following the Divemaster around.

  2. Unlike the controlled pace of a dive with groups, you are free to explore the reef at your own pace. This enables you and your partner to stop and look closely at specific marine life, creating a more educational and exciting dive than would be possible in a group.

  3. The experience of diving in a buddy pair is greater than diving in a group of individuals, because the sense of adventure and excitement is increased during the dive. At the same time, moving around the dive site or back to the exit point increases the sense of achievement.

  4. Diving with a buddy pair is usually safer, there is no one else to help with observations and safety stops which means you are more likely to notice something unusual before it's too late.

  5. One of the difficulties of diving in a group is the stress of being the diver who limits the rest of the group because of a lack of air. When diving in a buddy pair, this undue pressure is alleviated, particularly if it is discussed prior to starting the dive.

  6. Diving is an extremely social activity and the discussions during the surface interval or after the dive which grow the adventure of that dive. The group discussion of what individual buddy pairs found, significantly increases the excitement and anticipation of the coming dives.
Whenever you explore with your buddy rather than following the divemaster, you enjoy your dive much more and are more likely to continue scuba diving. So on your next dive after hearing the dive brief, tell your dive master that you and your buddy will be exploring the dive site as a buddy pair. Ask for any advice on what would be a simple but rewarding navigation plan for you to follow, and then head out as a buddy pair to enjoy the dive.


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