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John Hall


John Hall

John originally started diving in the mid-eighties in the UK and Germany while in the Royal Air Force. But it was only after 2013, when the rest of his family was certified that his passion for it was ignited, and he started diving regularly. Through Abyss, he continued my PADI diving qualifications, and he now dive 3 or 4 times a week. John enjoys the challenge of underwater photography and love discovering new critters.

John was in the RAF for 13 years as an Aircraft Engineering Technician and moved to Sydney in 1996 after finishing his contract. John continued working in Aircraft Engineering and Quality Auditing in the civilian sector for a further 24 years.

John recently decided to transition to part time work and move away from the Aircraft industry. The opportunity to join Abyss and step into a technician role with them was the perfect solution. John's extensive career as an Aircraft Technician has given him a solid foundation for his role as service technician at Abyss.

Troubleshooting aircraft fuel systems, servicing, maintaining, and examining components of aircraft engines and hydraulics has been a part of most of his working life. John now gets to apply all of that technical and engineering expertise in a field he is passionate about. It’s the perfect combination and super rewarding to know that John can get divers back into the water with their tip-top dive gear!