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Stephen Guy


Stephen Guy

Stephen started snorkelling as a 12 year old in Sydney and developed a love for diving, the sea and marine creatures.

Stephen has a background in science and education, both as a teacher and as a student. Seeing things from a student's perspective helps him appreciate what each individual diver requires to learn. He has been acknowledged for his extra patience, allowing students time to take everything on board and hence often teaches private courses. He is qualified as a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and has certified over 250 divers and combines teaching with supervising shore and boat dives. He has extensive experience of dive sites and knows where to find all the cool critters.

Stephen founded the Abyss Photo Group in July 2019 and has many regular divers that come to the photo dive at 9am the first Saturday of the month, plus then buddy up on many of the other shore and boat dives. Founding the photo group has helped facilitate opportunities for both new and experienced divers to develop an affinity with the underwater world with their camera gear.

Stephen's specialty courses includeAware Dive Against Debris and Fish Identification. He is involved in organising the annual Dive Against Debris on Clean Up Australia day with the team removing and logging up to 100kg of debris.

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