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How To Become A Rescue Diver


How to Become a Rescue Diver

Scuba diving is a unique form of adventure sport, one that comes with in water risks, and one that can quickly leave an inexperienced diver in a panic situation. As such, aiming to complete the Rescue Diver course so that you can have the necessary skills to manage any emergency that may arise should be the aim of all scuba divers,

Why Do a Rescue Course?

The Rescue Diver course will teach you how to expand your in-water skills and techniques, as well as techniques to apply in a crisis. The lessons taught in the Rescue Diver course emphasize a heightened sense of awareness in your environment. This is important because often divers are preoccupied with their own safety, and less aware of their surroundings. But after completing a Rescue Diver course, you will be more aware of the environment.

How to Become a Rescue Diver?

To participate in the Rescue course, a diver must complete the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive and hold either an Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver certification. The diver also requires having completed CPR and first aid training within the past 24 months.

The PADI Rescue Diver course involves 6 to 10 hours of eLearning theory training followed by a 2-day in-water practical training sessions. During the in-water sessions, the scuba diver practice handling issues including injured divers, assisting tired divers, and panicked divers via role-playing with other scuba divers and your instructor. At the end of the in-water training you will have the skills and be prepared to carry out the proper procedure to save a life if you are ever involved in such a circumstance.

When you go scuba diving, remember that safety is the number one priority. Getting your PADI rescue diver certification increases your skill set and awareness while diving, allowing you to react to and potentially save yourself and a fellow diver if you find yourself in an emergency.


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