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Can I Spear While Scuba Diving In Sydney?


Can I spear while scuba diving in Sydney?

No. It is illegal to use a spear gun or spear while SCUBA diving in NSW. Even if you are not hunting or spearing fish you may still be charged with possession of an offensive weapon whilst scuba diving.

The reason given for why spearfishing in this manner is unlawful in Sydney is that it is unfair to the prey. Any spear fisher will tell you that one of the biggest reasons why they enjoy the sport of spear fishing is that it allows you to experience the thrill of the hunt. Wearing scuba gear, a hunter can stay under much longer, giving them a distinct advantage against unsuspecting prey.

Another reason that spearfishing with scuba gear is unlawful is because it permits the diver to target the biggest and finest of a specific species, which may cause a decrease in species population. In many instances, the biggest and finest of a group is at peak sexual maturity and should be left in the ecosystem to mature. Conversely, juveniles may be easier to catch, but they also need to be allowed to grow so they can replenish the population.

Every scuba diver and spearfisherman should strive to support a sustainable population of fish in all marine environments. Without this support, both the diver and the spearfisherman would not have a place to fulfill their pursuits for generations to come.