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Enhance Your Next Dive Holiday, Be An Enriched Air Diver.


Enhance Your Next Dive Holiday, Be an Enriched Air Diver.

Diving provides a reason for adventure, for travel, enriching your life and experience. After many years of lock-down due to COVID, you may consider a well-deserved diving holiday. You have tossed up between Fiji, the Solomon's and Vanuatu and you should also be planning to become an enriched air diver before going on your holiday. With enriched air you can dive longer and at deeper depths than with air - it lets you dive more conservatively and have an enhanced diving experience.

What is Enriched Air

In recreational diving terms, enriched air (also known as nitrox or EAN) is breathing gas that contains a higher percentage of oxygen than regular air. The advantages enriched air diving will give you include longer dive times and shorter surface intervals. Enriched Air Diving is the most sought after PADI Specialty for certified divers. You will learn how to use enriched air for safety, for longer and shallower dives, and for making decompression dives less stressful.

Breathe Less Nitrogen While Using Enriched Air

With Nitrox, one of the most valuable benefits to you is that you will be exposed to much lower levels of nitrogen when you dive. The higher percentage of oxygen in the cylinder means that you will be breathing less nitrogen.

You can benefit from the lowered nitrogen amounts by extending your bottom time during your dives, especially when completing repetitive dives as you will be doing on your overdue holiday, or you can also use the enriched air reduced intake of nitrogen to increase your personal safety margin whilst maximizing your fun during your diving holiday. Most divers will use a combination of both these benefits of Nitrox.

Get The Most Out of Your Dive Computer

Most divers today will use a dive computer when planning their dives, and the vast majority of dive computers have an enriched air function. During the enriched air course, you will learn how to use the enriched air function of your dive computer so when you take your vacation you will be able to use your computer to maximize your diving. The other great advantage of a dive computer on a dive trip is that it will track your surface intervals. When setting up your dive computer, try and be on the cautious side and round up, not down, especially for deeper dives.

PADI Enriched Air Diver course

The PADI Enriched Air Diver course teaches you everything you need to know about enriched air diving. First off, you will learn how to select the right mix for your dive. You will also learn how to use an oxygen analyser and how to set your dive computer. The course at Abyss Scuba Diving is a combination of eLearning, practical exercises with two open water dives for extra practice alongside a PADI Instructor.

Enhance Your Dive Holliday

Those who see some of the most benefits of diving with nitrox are folks who like to take diving vacations. If you have decided on a Solomons Liveaboard or a resort in Fiji, you will expect to complete several repetitive dives over the course of several days. If you are using enriched air to prolong your bottom time, this could equate to hours of additional dive time over the vacation. Imagine how many more

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