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18 Vital Elements That Idc Candidates Should Bring Into Their Padi Idc


18 Vital Elements That IDC Candidates Should Bring into Their PADI IDC

What an instructor candidate thinks are the key factors in a successful IDC can be drastically different to what the Course Director hopes they will be.

In an ideal world, candidates would arrive at the IDC with a deep knowledge of what it takes to succeed as a PADI Instructor and there would be no need for formal training. The Course Directors role would simply be to teach the art of teaching and spend a great deal of time providing a real-world grounding to the prospective Scuba Instructors. Unfortunately, life is not ideal, and Candidates come into this process with widely varying levels of preparation.

The following are key factors that Course Directors hope Instructor candidates will bring to the table during their IDC, to make the learning process more efficient and successful.

  1. The ability to have fun
  2. A love for the underwater world
  3. An exceptionally good knowledge of Dive Theory for their Divemaster course
  4. Good diving skills, with the ability to perform the Divemaster circuit skills flawlessly.
  5. Good air consumption
  6. A willingness to accept constructive feedback from others.
  7. A positive attitude and openness to new experiences.
  8. The ability to self-assess and identify areas for improvement.
  9. Respect for the PADI System of diver education.
  10. A passion for diving and teaching others to dive safely and confidently.
  11. Realistic expectations about what the IDC will entail.
  12. The ability to work well within a team and support others.
  13. Effective communication skills, both verbal and written.
  14. A willingness to accept constructive feedback from others.
  15. Good problem-solving skills
  16. Good listening skills
  17. A willingness to work hard
  18. A sense of humour
  19. A love of learning

All the above points are important for a successful IDC, but there are a few that Course Directors hope Instructor candidates will bring to the table more than others. At the top of the list is the ability to have fun because teaching diving is fun and a love of the underwater world.

To get the most out of their IDC, Instructor candidates should review the theory portion of their Divemaster course before the start of their IDC. By doing this they can enjoy the IDC process instead playing catch up on learn theory they should already know.

Additionally, good diving skills and air consumption are vital for success as an instructor. Candidates should also be willing to accept constructive feedback to improve their skills. Finally, it is important for Instructor candidates to have realistic expectations about what the IDC entails and be prepared to work hard throughout the process. By keeping these factors in mind, prospective Instructors can set themselves up for a successful IDC experience.