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Interested in Becoming a Divemaster?
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Incredible Benefits!

I never intended to become a divemaster, but instead, it emerged as a natural progression of my growth as a diver. However, just like learning to dive, it was one of the best things I ever did. Becoming a divemaster certainly was life-changing for me.

As someone who loves spending time in the water, I can think of a few better ways to extend my hobby than becoming a divemaster. In addition to being able to share my love of diving with others, becoming a divemaster also allows me to:

  • Continue to learn and explore
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Give back to the diving community
  • Stay current on my diving skills and knowledge
  • Help to cover the costs of your hobby 


Whether you are looking to progress your Scuba diving career or just want to find new and interesting ways to extend your hobby, becoming a divemaster is an incredible option.

While diving can be a low-cost hobby once you have bought your gear and equipment, there are always those exciting scuba trips that can become an expensive drain on your budget. In addition, to using the funds earned as a divemaster to pay for the trips, many dive centres offer the opportunity for their Divemasters to lead trips or even open exciting opportunities to work during your holidays in a range of exotic locations around the world.

Of course, becoming a divemaster is not all about money. As someone who loves being in the water, becoming a divemaster allows me to extend my diving skills while also allowing me to give back to the diving community. In addition, becoming a divemaster is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and make friends from all over the world. 

After I became a divemaster, I led dives each weekend if I was not travelling for work. I not only found it a welcome relief from the pleasures of work, but it was extremely rewarding and fulfilling. I dive mastered for roughly six years before becoming a Dive Instructor and loved the experience. It was during this time that I expanded my skill and knowledge of diving and laid the foundations to move onward to become what I believe was a good PADI Dive Instructor and eventually PADI Course Director.

If you are passionate about diving and searching for new ways to express your passion or even make a full-time career in diving, becoming a divemaster is a great option. Reaching the next level of diving is like looking for a way to take your diving to a higher level. Being a divemaster is an experience you will love, I certainly did!