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Scuba Diving At Hideaway Island Resort And Marine Sanctuary In Vanuatu


A Scuba Diving Holiday at Hideaway Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary in Vanuatu

Have you ever wanted to scuba dive in one of the most beautiful places on earth? Well, now you can! Hideaway Island Resort, Vanuatu is the perfect place to scuba dive and see amazing marine life. Come and explore what this hidden gem has to offer!

Hideaway Island resort and Marine Sanctuary is a secluded paradise, nestled in the South Pacific and surrounded by turquoise waters. The island offers travellers an unforgettable experience - from its white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean views to exciting activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking and more! Located just 10 minutes away from the airport on Vanuatu's mainland you can be transported into this lush tropical oasis within 3 or 4 minutes via ferry ride. Unspoilt and still relatively undiscovered it makes for a perfect hideaway spot so come explore all that Hideaway Island has to offer today!

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Hideaway Island Resort

Hideaway Island Resort offers a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets. From beachfront villas to family-friendly apartments, to budget-friendly dormitories, there is something for everyone. The resort also features a freshwater swimming pool and a restaurant and bar with stunning views of the ocean.

For those looking for an extra special experience, Hideaway Island Resort offers a range of luxury villas with private plunge pools, outdoor showers and direct access to the beach. These villas come complete with modern amenities such as air conditioning and flat-screen TVs. For those travelling as a family or group, the resort also has spacious apartments that can accommodate up to six people.

For those on a budget, Hideaway Island Resort also offers dormitory rooms which are perfect for backpackers or solo travellers who want to explore the island without breaking the bank. All rooms come equipped with comfortable beds and basic amenities such as Wi-Fi access and shared bathrooms.

Paradise Cove Beachfront Restaurant is an extraordinary oasis located right on the beach of a stunning, remote island. Soak up the gorgeous views while indulging in sumptuous dishes created with freshly caught seafood and locally-sourced ingredients cooked by expert chefs using traditional methods - creating flavours that truly embody the spirit of this tropical paradise! Whether you're looking for a casual lunch or romantic dinner, Paradise Cove restaurant has something to delight everyone's palate as well as provide exceptional ambience.

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No matter what type of accommodation you choose at Hideaway Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary in Vanuatu, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable experience!

The Marine Sanctuary

Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary in Vanuatu is an idyllic and protected paradise located in the heart of the South Pacific. Boasting a stunning coral reef system and home to an incredible variety of marine life, this popular destination is perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts. With its crystal clear waters, vibrant colours, and diverse species of fish, turtles, crabs, sharks and other sea life, it's no wonder divers flock to this tropical sanctuary.

One of the most unique aspects of Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary is its educational opportunities for visitors. From detailed presentations about the local marine environment to interactive dives with experienced dive masters, visitors can gain real insight into how their actions can help preserve our oceans and protect the species that call them home.

The diving experience in Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary truly has something for everyone – from shallow swims along picturesque coral gardens and colourful fish to deep dives amongst majestic shipwrecks – there’s something new to explore every day. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert looking for an adventure, Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary will provide you with all the thrills you need!

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The scuba diving experience

Experience the ultimate scuba diving adventure at Hideaway Island in Vanuatu. Located off the coast of Port Vila, this small coral atoll is an idyllic holiday destination for scuba divers and travellers alike.

Start your day by exploring the crystal-clear waters of the Hideaway Island Marine Reserve. With more than 18 dive sites, two dive boats and a fantastic crew, you'll have plenty of opportunities to observe vibrant marine life such as giant clams, sea turtles and colourful reef fish. The experienced guides at Hideaway Island Dive Shop can help you find the best spots to explore.

After a morning of diving, take a break on one of the island's pristine white coral beaches or take a leisurely stroll around the island's lush tropical gardens. For lunch, enjoy some delicious local cuisine at Nambawan Café before heading back out for an afternoon dive.

At night, relax with a cocktail while watching the sunset over the horizon or join one of the resort's night dives for an unforgettable experience under the stars. No matter what you choose to do during your stay on Hideaway Island, you're sure to have an unforgettable experience!

The Dive Sites

Hideaway Island in Vanuatu is a divers paradise, with many incredible dive sites to explore. From shallow reefs to deep walls and offshore drift dives, you'll have plenty of opportunities to experience the diverse underwater world of this beautiful island.

The shallow reefs surrounding Hideaway Island are perfect for snorkelers and novice divers. Be sure to check out Pina Colada Reef, where you'll be able to observe an abundance of colourful marine life including sea turtles, clownfish and groupers.

For those looking for something a little more adventurous, the deep walls around Hideaway Island provide spectacular wall dives with plenty of opportunities for spotting nurse sharks and eagle rays. The renowned Mystery Wall is a must-see for experienced divers; here you can explore an amazing array of coral and sponges while admiring the stunning views from below the surface.

Offshore drift diving is also popular at Hideaway Island, featuring spectacular drop-offs that produce some thrilling currents — perfect for seeing larger fish such as tuna, mackerel and barracuda. Finally, at night don't miss out on the chance to join one of Hideaway Island's night dives; here you'll get an up-close look at some bizarre creatures like cuttlefish, octopuses and mantis shrimps!

Wreck Diving

If you're an experienced diver, the Bonzer Wreck dive site shouldn't be missed! And don't worry if you've never gone diving before - it's only a 5-minute boat ride away from Hideaway Island Resort. Start your journey along the edge of a shallow reef and follow its vibrant gully to encounter sea anemones in abundance. At 12-24 meters deep, even novice divers can explore this sunken treasure – complete with soft corals adorning both decks that are accessible through windows as well. Whether you're a seasoned scuba enthusiast or just beginning to discover what lies beneath the waves, Bonzer Wreck is truly the perfect destination for all levels!

Underwater Post Office

If this isn't adventure enough for you then why not make it extra special by dropping in on history’s first-ever Underwater Post Office? Located only 50 metres offshore and 3 metres beneath the sea surface on colourful Hideaway Island; here visitors have the option of purchasing postcards designed especially with waterproof ink.


Underwater Post Office

The Hideaway Island Vanuatu Experience

Maximize your experience on Hideaway Island by taking part in the many activities above ground. Challenge a friend to play beach volleyball, relish stunning sunsets, go kayaking or stand-up paddling and try thrilling tours of the mainland, such as Cascade Waterfalls, Jungle Zipline, Jet Skis, Wet n Wild Adventure Tours and Buggy Tours! And for those looking for something more aquatic - embark on an exciting Congoola Sailboat or fishing charter excursion. There's no end of possibilities here at Hideaway Island!

Sunset on Hideaway Island resort and marine sanctuary

Other Activities on the Island of Efate

Visit the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island of Efate. The lagoon is a beautiful turquoise colour and is surrounded by white sand beaches and lush vegetation. Visitors can swim, sunbathe, or simply enjoy the stunning views. The Blue Lagoon is approximately 40km from Hideaway Island Resort.

Take a Hike to Mele Cascades

Mele Cascades is a set of waterfalls located in the Mele Valley on the island of Efate. The cascades are accessible via a short hike through the jungle and are a popular spot for swimming and picnicking. The waterfalls are approximately 5km from Hideaway Island Resort.

Visit Port Vila

The city of Port Vila is the capital of Vanuatu and is home to a number of museums, art galleries, and markets, as well as a number of restaurants and cafes. Port Vila is approximately 10 km from Hideaway Island Resort.

 Port Vila  Markets

Explore Ekasup Village

Ekasup Village is a traditional Melanesian village located on the outskirts of Port Vila. Visitors can learn about traditional village life, see traditional thatched huts, and participate in a variety of cultural activities such as dance performances and woodcarving demonstrations.