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Bucket List Marine Animals For Scuba Divers In Australia.


The top ten bucket list marine animals for scuba divers in Australia.

Have you ever wanted to scuba dive with some of the most exciting marine animals on Earth? Then you'll want to check out our list of the top ten bucket list animals for scuba divers in Australia! From graceful sharks to swimming with whales, there's something for everyone on this list.

Australian divers are lucky as we have the Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the marine world’s richest and most dynamic marine ecosystems, where over 1,500 species of marine animals including countless fish species, 400 types of coral, sea turtles and other marine life can be found. It is a mecca for scuba divers from around the world and is top of the bucket list for many marine life lovers. But when you go through this bucket list you will see that there is much more to diving in Australia than the Great Barrier Reef.

Great White Shark:

Diving with the world's largest predatory fish is an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers.

 Grreat White Shark

For any dedicated scuba diver, the opportunity to come face to face with one of Australia's top ten bucket list animals is a must-do. Of all the marine species, the Great White Shark deserves a special place on the list for its sheer size and powerful presence. With tiger sharks and bull sharks also in abundance, diving with these apex predators is a life-changing experience that will remain unforgettable for thrill-seekers.

Through the safety of a cage, we can observe these majestic creatures in all their glory and understand why they are such an integral part of Australia's environment. If you want to experience great white sharks up close, then look no further than Port Lincoln South Australia for your very own cage dive adventure.

Humpback Whales:

Every year between May and November, Australia forms a vital part of the Humpback Whale's migration route as they make their way from Antarctica to Queensland and northern New South Wales. If you'd like to witness these majestic creatures in all their glory, then some of the most spectacular locations are Hervey Bay, Byron Bay and Sydney on the east coast. So come along any time during this period for an unforgettable experience!

Humpback whale


Humpback whales do in a way not interact with humans to the same level that Minkie whales do. Swimming with Minkie Whales on the Great Barrier Reef is a truly life-changing experience. As part of their annual winter migration, these majestic creatures travel from their feeding grounds in the Southern Ocean to breed in warmer waters closer to the tropics. Known for being friendly inquisitive giants, they often approach boats or swimmers out of curiosity! It's an epic adventure that will make memories you'll never forget! Spending time in the calming waters of the Great Barrier Reef with Minkie Whales is an unforgettable experience. Divers will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe these majestic creatures as they move gracefully and interact directly with one another, allowing for an intimate moment that can be cherished forever. Swimming with Minkie Whales truly belongs on everyone's bucket list!

Manta Ray:

Divers flocking to Lady Elliot Island off the Australian coast may be lucky enough to witness manta rays in their natural environment. These graceful creatures are notorious for their vast wingspans, spanning up to 7 meters! It's no wonder why divers make it a point of including these magnificent giants on the top ten list of animals they want to see while visiting Australia - making them timeless bucket-list items worth marvelling at!

Manta Ray

Grey Nurse Shark:

If you’re an avid shark-lover, then look no further than a Grey Nurse Shark encounter! These endangered animals are gentle giants that can be spotted off the Australian coastline in various locations and are highly sought after by divers across the continent. For those looking for some of the most spectacular marine species to experience first-hand, Magic Point in Sydney is one of Australia's top destinations – boasting amazing views and regular sightings of diverse species such as Grey Nurse Sharks. Make sure it's on your bucket list today!

 Grey Nurse Shark Nelson Bay

Giant Cuttlefish:

For a one-of-a-kind underwater experience, giant cuttlefish are unparalleled. These beautiful creatures gather in huge numbers off the coast of South Australia each year to mate and create an unforgettable spectacle that leaves divers mesmerized. Not only do they showcase their might and dexterity during mating battles, but their bright colours and cunning intellect make them a popular attraction for all diving aficionados Down Under!

During the mating season, massive groups of vibrant cephalopods congregate along South Australia's shoreline, providing an awe-inspiring sight for divers. Even though Sydney has yet to experience a congregation quite as spectacular as that seen in South Australia, some giant cuttlefish still make their way there annually.

Giant Cuttlefish in Sydney

Weedy Sea Dragons:

Seadragons are a favourite marine species among underwater photographers, who are drawn to their otherworldly appearance and gentle demeanour. Diving with these captivating creatures is a truly unforgettable experience for any diver.

For those looking for a truly unique scuba diving experience in Australia, weedy and leafy seadragons are impossible to beat! Not only are these shy and gentle creatures one of the top ten bucket list animals for scuba divers down under, but they also offer a scenic backdrop perfect for amateurs and experienced photographers alike. Inhabiting the diverse ecosystems of the country's Southern Coastline, weedy sea dragons quietly flaunt their vibrant colours within carefully-constructed leafy armour - making them one of the most magical discoveries within any ocean dive. So if you're in search of a fantastic time down under, make sure that weedy sea dragons head your list of things to do!

 Weedy Seadragon in Sydney

Green Sea Turtle:

These gentle giants are a common sight on the Great Barrier Reef, where they can often be seen swimming peacefully in the coral gardens. Divers are lucky enough to see small green sea turtles on a regular basis.

Seeing a marine turtle while diving in Australia is like spotting an old friend - they’re so common in these waters! But marine turtles, also known as green sea turtles, have been around for 100 million years and are some of the most graceful animals to behold. These gentle giants have an unmistakable presence underwater and swimming alongside one is truly a bucket-list-worthy experience. And lucky for us, visitors to Australia’s coastlines and reefs have plenty of opportunities to spot the majestic sea turtles - they are commonly seen around the Great Barrier Reef. So if you dive in Australia, be sure to keep your eyes peeled - marine turtles will make your experience all the more special.

Green Turtle

Whale Sharks:

These gentle giants are the largest fish in the world, growing up to 12 meters in length. They are known for their distinctive pattern of white spots and stripes on a dark grey background, which makes them easy to identify. Whale Sharks can be found in the waters around Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, where they come to feed on plankton during the months of March to August. Swimming with these magnificent creatures is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that many divers dream of.

Whale Sharks, the largest fish in the world and one of Australia's most sought-after bucket list animals for scuba divers, can often be found off Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. With their unique spotting of white spots and stripes on a dark grey background, these sea animals are breathtakingly beautiful to behold. Lucky divers who take a dip with these gentle giants will enjoy a truly magical experience - whale sharks typically feed on plankton between March and August each year, so this is the prime time to spot them. Swimming alongside this magnificent creature is an unforgettable sensation that all scuba divers should aim to experience at least once!

 whale shark

Australian Fur Seal:

These playful and curious marine mammals can be incredibly entertaining to watch underwater, as they twirl and somersault around divers. Some of the best places to dive with seals in Australia include Montague Island, Martin Island and the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. Swimming with seals is a unique and memorable experience that many divers cherish, and it's easy to see why they are a favourite among underwater adventurers.

Australian Fur Seals are definitely one of the top bucket list animals for scuba divers in Australia. They can bring some truly magical moments, as they swirl and somersault around divers while they explore, not to mention that watching their acrobatics can be incredibly entertaining! Some of the best places to spot these playful and curious creatures include Montague Island, Martin Island and the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. Swimming with seals is an absolutely unique experience - no diver ever forgets their first encounter and many come back again and again, making them a clear favourite amongst underwater adventurers.

 Australian Fur seal at Martin Island


These elusive marine mammals can be found in the seagrass meadows of Shark Bay and the Great Barrier Reef, and are endangered animals that are rare treat for lucky divers.

Scuba diving in Australia is an incredible experience and it's a great opportunity to spot some of the country's iconic wildlife. One of the top ten bucket list animals for Australian divers is the Dugong - a large, gentle marine mammal often referred to as 'the gentle giants of the sea'. These elusive creatures inhabit the seagrass meadows of Shark Bay and the Great Barrier Reef and are said to be one of the kindest sea mammals due to their fishing-free lifestyle. While they are more often spotted by snorkelers and swimmers, experienced divers have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these gentle creatures in their natural habitat. Getting up close with a Dugong is truly something not to be missed!

 dugong on the great barrier reef


After the amazing journey of exploring the top ten bucket list animals for scuba divers in Australia, we've come to the end of our exploration. From the Great Barrier Reef to Western Australia, it has been a breathtaking journey through some of Australia's most stunning marine life - from Grey Nurse Sharks to Giant Cuttlefish, there is something for everyone! Even for those with a more adventurous streak, diving with Australian Fur Seals and Dugongs can truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


So now that you know about the best bucket list animals for scuba divers in Australia, are you ready to plan your next diving trip? Start by asking yourself: What is your favourite marine animal? Then research where you can go to see that special creature in person! Don't forget to bring your camera and share



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