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Sydney Winter Diving: Stay Warm With Bare Ultrawarmth & Omnired


Experience Sydney's Winter Underwater Wonders: Dive with Comfort & Style Using BARE Ultrawarmth & OMNIRED

Winter may not be the most obvious time to dive in Sydney, but it's the perfect season for exploring its underwater wonders. Calm seas, excellent visibility and a plethora of marine life make for an unparalleled experience for diving fans. And with BARE Ultrawarmth wetsuits and accessories featuring OMNIRED Technology, you can stay comfortable and toasty while taking in the sights. Our blog showcases the benefits of winter diving in Sydney, the superior thermal protection of BARE Ultrawarmth products, and tips for maximising your Arctic adventure.

Advantages of Diving in Sydney from July to September

  1. Flat seas and amazing visibility:  During this period, Westerly winds culminate in optimal conditions for flat seas and crystal-clear visibility. With underwater visibility often exceeding 30 meters, divers can fully appreciate the beauty of Sydney's aquatic underworld, leading to a truly unforgettable experience.

  2. Unique marine life encounters:  Explore the bountiful depths beneath the chilled waters of Sydney during winter and stumble upon an enticing world of marine life. Witness the dance of Port Jackson sharks, giant cuttlefish, and weedy seadragons, not to mention the curious spectacle of their mating rituals. Venture to Martin Island for a chance to get up close and personal with playful Australian fur seals; whilst you're there, you might even spot migratory whales and colossal rays that roam the waters around these delightful creatures.

  3. Access to special dive sites: The westerly winds also make many of Sydney's dive sites accessible, which are otherwise off-limits during other times of the year. These dive sites include The Leap, a popular drift dive, and Voo Doo, which features an incredible overhang and fascinating creatures like giant cuttlefish, massive rays, and wobbegong sharks.

    Giant Cuttlefish at Voo Doo

BARE Ultrawarmth: The Ultimate Solution for Winter Diving

Winter diving can be an invigorating experience, but having the right gear is crucial for your comfort, warmth, and enjoyment. Enter BARE Ultrawarmth wetsuits and accessories: designed to offer the ultimate thermal protection so that you can fully delight in the beauty of the underwater world.

  1. A comprehensive range of products:  Explore the full selection from BARE Ultrawarmth and discover everything you need for a comfortable dive. Their range includes wetsuits, gloves, hoods, boots, and base layers - everything you need to stay warm and focused underwater.

  2. Superior craftsmanship and durability:  BARE's pledge to quality assures products of the finest craftsmanship. This grants durability, longevity, and superior thermal protection. BARE Ultrawarmth products boast high-calibre materials that withstand wear and tear from frequent diving, inspiring confidence that your gear will endure for seasons.

  3. Stylish designs: BARE Ultrawarmth products deliver top-notch thermal protection and a modern, sleek appearance. Thus, you can stay warm & comfortable in winter while retaining the stylish appearance you seek during your diving adventures.

    Divers wearing BARE Ultrawarmth wetsuits and accessories

OMNIRED Technology: The Science Behind BARE Ultrawarmth

BARE Ultrawarmth products owe their innovative edge to OMNIRED Technology – a game-changing breakthrough in cold-water diving. Proven to offer superior thermal protection, this state-of-the-art technology has made winter diving a year-round option.

  1. How  OMNIRED Technology  works: The OMNIRED Technology boasts 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the fabric, harnessing body heat to generate thermal energy, which in turn is reflected back to the body. This smart process optimises body temperature, keeping divers snug and comfortable, even in the cooler waters of Sydney. Such innovation propels divers to enjoy longer, uninterrupted diving experiences.

  2. Lab-tested and proven: OMNIRED Technology underwent rigorous scientific testing, proving unmatched thermal protection. Studies confirm it exceeds the performance of similar diving products. You deserve the best for your winter diving experience – trust OMNIRED for it.

  3. Additional benefits:  OMNIRED Technology offers more than just thermal protection! In addition to shielding from the cold, it's also quick-drying and water-resistant, thanks to hydrophobic properties. And it fights bacteria and odour, which keeps your gear smelling fresher for longer. These features allow you to focus on your dive, distraction-free!  

    OMNIRED technology fabric close-up

Importance of Headgear: Protecting Your Head for Maximum Warmth

When diving in colder waters, it's important to remember the significance of headgear, such as a hood or hooded vest. Since the head accounts for a large body surface area and houses many blood vessels, up to 45% of body heat can be lost there. Hence, appropriate headgear is crucial in retaining body heat and ensuring a pleasant diving experience.

BARE Ultrawarmth hoods and hooded vests incorporate the innovative OMNIRED technology in their wetsuits and accessories. Experience optimal thermal protection, enabling you to relish your dive even in Sydney's chilly winter waters!

Tips for Making the Most of Your Winter Diving Experience in Sydney

To fully appreciate the wonders of Sydney's underwater world during winter, follow these tips:

  1. Choose the right gear: Equip yourself with BARE Ultrawarmth wetsuits and accessories, featuring OMNIRED Technology. This will ensure you stay warm, comfortable, and stylish during your dive.

  2. Stay warm before and between dives: To ensure optimal comfort and warmth while winter diving, it's crucial to maintain body heat before and between dives. Here are some tips to keep you cosy:

    • Wear a coat or jacket:  Donning a windproof and waterproof jacket or coat would spare your wetsuit from being chilled by the icy embrace of the wind. Unfazed by the elements, you can dive with peace of mind, relishing the warmth and comfort offered by your suit.
    • Keep your head warm:  Wearing a beanie or similar headgear when you're not in the water will help retain heat and keep your head warm before and between dives. This is especially important considering the significant heat loss through the head.
    • Drink hot energy drinks:  Consuming hot beverages like hot chocolate or tomato soup can help maintain your core body temperature and boost your energy during your winter diving adventures. This is why Abyss Scuba Diving provides hot soup to keep you warm and energized between dives.
  3. Plan your dives: Research the best dive sites in Sydney during the winter months, including the hidden gems accessible during this time. Consult local dive shops or experienced divers for recommendations.

  4. Dive with a buddy: Always dive with a partner, ensuring you have someone to share the experience and assist you in emergencies.

  5. Capture your experience:  Bring an underwater camera to document your encounters with the unique marine life and stunning underwater landscapes Sydney offers during the winter season.

 with a bare wetsuit you are ready for Sydney winter diving

Experience the magic of winter diving in Sydney! Discover unparalleled dive sites, engage with fascinating marine life, and maximise every adventure from July to September. With BARE Ultrawarmth & OMNIRED technology, stay comfortable and stylish, while immersing yourself in the breathtaking underwater world.

Don't let the winter chill keep you from diving into the enchanting underwater world of Sydney. Embrace the wonder of winter diving and create unforgettable memories with each dive. With BARE Ultrawarmth wetsuits and accessories, you'll experience unparalleled thermal protection and comfort thanks to OMNIRED Technology. Prepare for your next diving adventure and feel the warmth and comfort that BARE Ultrawarmth offers.

Get reAre you ready for a winter diving journey like no other? Discover Sydney's hidden underwater treasures and capture memories that will last a lifetime! Equipped with BARE Ultrawarmth & OMNIRED technology, you will dive confidently, comfortably, and in style, making the most of your winter diving adventure.