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Yuhan Liao: The Enchanting Odyssey Of Our Beloved Mermaid Mentor


Yuhan Liao: 

Yuhan fell in love with the ocean when she was snorkelling in the tranquil water of the Maldives for the first time. She became a scuba diver and a free diver in 2013 and started her adventures in the seven seas ever since, including the nice and warm tropical around the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the temperate South Pacific and the sometimes rough North Atlantic.

Mermaiding opened up a whole different door for Yuhan to experience the underwater world. She became a PADI Mermaid Instructor in Jan. 2021, among the very first PADI global Mermaid Instructor community. Her mermaiding grounds extend from aquariums to freshwater creeks and lakes, and the rich and colourful seas.

As a ballet enthusiast in her free time, Yuhan became specialised in underwater dancing and modelling. Her work, ‘Chasing the Moon’, partnering with the Chinese underwater photographer, Monster Lee, was rewarded as the “Most Popular Picture with Online Voters” in the underwater photography contest run by Mr. Dive in 2021.

Yuhan believes that there is always something more waiting to be discovered with diving, either about the underwater world or about oneself. She is an energetic freediver and training to become a freediving instructor with Abyss.

Born in South East China and has been studying and travelling around the world, Yuhan is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and English, which enables her to serve a wider range of customers.

If you can’t find Yuhan on land, please don’t call. She must be out diving, which means her body, her mind and her soul are completely immersed. I appreciate your understanding!

Yuhan Liao --- Mermaid Instructor

Diving Credentials:

  • PADI Mermaid Instructor
  • PADI EFR Instructor
  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • SSI Level 2 Freediver