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Time To Fly With The Avelo Dive System


Time to Fly with the Avelo Dive System

We've all experienced that magical moment when we first submerged ourselves in the deep blue, haven't we? The moment when we felt weightless, free, and truly alive. Now, imagine if we could enhance that experience, making it safer, more efficient, and even more enjoyable. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn't! Let me introduce you to the game-changing Avelo Dive System.

What is the Avelo Dive System?

The Avelo Lightweight Scuba System is revolutionizing diving by integrating buoyancy control directly into the air tank. This eliminates the need for a separate buoyancy compensator. The primary feature of the Avelo system is its Hydrotank, a lightweight scuba tank with an inbuilt air bladder.

The Avelo dive system was initially designed to alleviate the burden of carrying heavy diving gear, but it offers far more than just a lightweight solution. The Avelo system doesn't simply enhance your diving experience - it completely transforms it. It's akin to watching a movie in standard definition versus experiencing it in mesmerizing 4K resolution. Once you've encountered this remarkable difference, there's no turning back.

Once you have dived Avelo, there is no turning back

How Does Avelo Work?

To control buoyancy underwater, divers can effortlessly adjust their depth using the innovative Avelo system. By simply pressing a button, a pump is activated, adding water into the Hydrotank. This ingenious mechanism effectively reduces the buoyant force, allowing divers to descend smoothly into the depths. On the other hand, when divers release the water from the Hydrotank, the buoyant force increases, enabling them to ascend back to the surface effortlessly.

One of the remarkable features of the Avelo system is its design, which ensures neutral buoyancy regardless of whether the diver is ascending or descending. Unlike traditional scuba systems that often have a depth-sensitive bubble on the back, the Avelo system eliminates this concern, significantly reducing the risk associated with sudden changes in buoyancy. With its thoughtful and reliable design, the Avelo system provides divers with enhanced control and safety during their underwater adventures.

Why is it different from traditional scuba gear?

Traditional scuba gear has been a reliable companion for divers, but the time for innovation has arrived. Introducing the Avelo Dive System, a revolutionary gear that leverages the diver's lungs and tidal volume to enhance buoyancy control, providing an unparalleled diving experience. This cutting-edge system ensures comfort and precise control and boasts a remarkable lightweight design, reducing fatigue during dives and enabling effortless navigation through the mesmerizing underwater world.

Why Choose Avelo?

With Avelo, the flying sensation becomes a natural part of scuba diving. It eases your mental and physical workload, optimizes your air consumption rate, and enhances your safety underwater. Here are six fantastic reasons why you should consider Avelo:

  1. Like Flying: Experience a whole new way to explore the underwater world! Our advanced integrated buoyancy control system lets you maneuver with precision, giving you the sensation of gracefully soaring through space. Picture yourself swimming alongside a school of fish, moving in perfect harmony like birds gliding through the sky. With this buoyancy control system, you effortlessly become part of the mesmerizing dance of marine life, enjoying unmatched control and freedom in the depths below. It's like the thrill of freediving!
  2. Reduced Air Consumption: The Avelo dive system is a total game-changer for divers. It boosts air consumption by a whopping 30%. How does it do this? By reducing strain on the diver's lungs and ensuring stable neutral buoyancy. This means diving is more efficient than ever before. But wait, there's more! The Avelo system is designed to be sleek and streamlined. It adds elegance and makes underwater maneuvering a breeze. With Avelo, you can effortlessly explore the mesmerizing marine life that awaits.
  3. Light as a Feather: The Hydrotank weighs around 6 Kg less than other systems. That means you won't have to lug around heavy equipment and will have more energy to explore the deep blue. With this weight reduction, you'll experience less fatigue and enjoy greater freedom of movement during your dives. It's like swapping your heavy hiking boots for a pair of lightweight running shoes - easier to move and explore underwater!

Try doing this witha standard scuba set

Discover why the Avelo System is akin to the sensation of flying.

Dive into this testimonial from a diver who experienced the marvels of the Avelo system:

"As I submerged with the Avelo system, I felt an exhilarating sense of soaring through the skies. Its remarkable lightweight design and streamlined nature effortlessly propelled me through the water. The exceptional buoyancy control allowed me to hover mid-water effortlessly. It truly was an extraordinary and awe-inspiring adventure."

The Avelo Dive System delivers a diving encounter that beautifully mimics the sensation of flight. Explore the reasons behind this captivating experience.

  • Weight reduction: The Avelo system is significantly lighter than standard scuba gear, allowing divers to move underwater more effortlessly and eliminating the need to maneuver heavy weights like tanks and weight belts. This freedom of movement enhances the diving experience.
  • Streamlined design: The Avelo system not only offers a streamlined design but also reduces drag, allowing for effortless gliding through the water. Its innovative features make it a game-changer in the world of scuba diving, providing enhanced efficiency and ease of movement.
  • Buoyancy control: The Avelo system revolutionizes diving by granting divers unparalleled control over their buoyancy. With stable neutral buoyancy, divers can effortlessly hover in mid-water and move freely in any direction throughout the water column. No matter where the diver ventures, the Avelo system ensures a consistent and stable buoyancy experience.

As a result of these factors, diving with the Avelo system can feel like flying through the water. Divers can move freely and effortlessly in all directions without having to worry about their weight or buoyancy. This can be a truly liberating experience, and it allows divers to focus on enjoying the underwater world around them.

If you want to enhance your diving experience, the Avelo Dive System is here to make diving easier, more efficient, and safer. Plus, it gives you a fantastic sensation of flying through the water!

unlock flight contro with the Avelo dive system


Unlocking Your Flight Control with the Avelo Mode

The Avelo Mode on Dive Computers aims to give you an even better diving experience. It focuses on improving your buoyancy, helping you use less air, making your workload easier, and maximizing the joy of exploring underwater. After each dive, you can check how you did and use that info to improve your next dive. This technology was developed with top-dive computer makers and includes key findings from Aviad Cahana's groundbreaking study. Dive computers have been around for some time, but Avelo Mode takes them to a new level of diving excellence.


The Avelo Dive System is not your ordinary scuba gear. It's a game-changer that takes diving to a whole new level! With its lightweight design, cool features, and amazing buoyancy control, it gives you the feeling of flying underwater effortlessly. Explore the underwater world like never before with Avelo. So, why wait? Dive into excitement and make your underwater adventures unforgettable with Avelo. Happy diving!


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