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Journey To Becoming A Padi Scuba Instructor


Have you ever been on holiday in some tropical paradise and noticed the dive instructors and divemasters there? They always seem to have a smile on their face and are always so happy. I am from Austria and whenever I have gone diving around the world, I have encountered friendly people who care so much about diving, and live and work in amazingplaces. So what always came to my mind when I was on my holidays: Why don’t stay in this paradise and become a dive instructor?

Well life goes on, and the flight back home is booked. So you sit in the office again. Work for another year to save money for your next holiday trip. Not so in 2013. Something happened to me; the wish was becoming stronger. So I spent some time on Google searching for possibilities to become a dive instructor. Luckily I found Abyss Scuba Diving’s webpage and just for fun I wrote an email for more information. At this time, I hadn’t assumed that I really would end up here in Sydney, lying in my bed in the intern house and writing a blog about how I came here.

sydney dive

I got an answer from Carl about a week later. Be patient with him, he is not the fastest one, maybe because he is Australian, BUT he is very good in what he does. So there I was, sitting in the office. I had already forgot about my wish and plans, because I stacked again in the routine of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my life. I had a family at my working place, which was very nice, because it don’t feels like going to work. And I had an interesting job and had the pleasure to work with nice people. I had my friends and it was a really good time. We have meet a lot, maybe too often, but it was too much fun not to do it. And last, but not least I love my family. I’ve visited them nearly every weekend. So you see. It was not very easy for me, to leave all this back.

But now back to Carl’s mail. Well so I was sitting happily in my office and read through his mail. And I only thought: WOW, would be amazing! But, this can’t be so easy. There must be a catch. So I started to write with Carl. And here I am now. I told you, he is doing a good job. And he helped me out to make this happened and he managed to let me feel comfortable with this decision. So at the end of 2013 I’ve left all behind. Came from little Austria to big Austr(al)ia.

I’ve signed up for the amazing Internship. And as we know already, I stay also at the intern house. Which is a lot of fun, because you get to know so many people from all over the world. So many characteristics and so different cultures, but one thing which connects us: The love for diving.

So you have people around you, doing the same thing as you, which is good for learning and practicing together. And at least you may find some new friends here, as I did. Really looking forward to meet some of them later on in this year. Or maybe visit them somewhere in the world someday.


The course itself – oh sorry I forgot: I’m now a MSDT: Master Scuba Dive Trainer – was not really a problem for me. First of all, I learn very easily. So I’ve done the eLearning and this was enough for me. And second, we got more than well prepared from the Abyss Team and at least, for the Instructor Exam through Carl. He did a great job. Which I have noticed very well during the Exam, as I was doing it with 2 other people from another dive center.

The great benefits from the internship. You get a lot of dives and experience. You can go diving on your own, whenever you have time – for FREE! You stay with people, who are doing the same like you. They involve you in how they run there very successful dive shop and give you some good advices. AND you get to know and you work with some great instructors – the Abyss staff. Yesterday I certified my first 3 Open Water students on my own. I was very confident and it all worked very well,because of this good preparation I’ve received from the Abyss team. Thank you for that, to all of you.

Now I have to get prepared. I meet Carl in the shop soon. We are talking about my plans and where to go next. He has some good places and offers where I can spend my year here Down Under and I’m very excited. He seems to have a job for me at Fiji. How amazing is that? My Hero!

End of dive course