Abyss Scuba Diving

Teaching Padi Instructor Training In Sydney, Australia

by Carl Fallon

Each month divers from all over the globe migrate to Sydney, Australia to start their is challenging, fun and truly unforgettable. PADI Instructor training. Where all roads lead to Rome; their paths collide here at Abyss… Each group’s dynamics are different with different personalities and cultures within them; however there is always one common theme… Every PADI Instructor Development Course

It all starts with everyone arriving at here at Abyss, after completing their own personal diving journeys. With each person’s story so different, it is amazing how everyone still manages to bond so tightly regardless. I think it is this close team environment that forms the life-long friendships and helps the ‘team’ excel. PADI Instructor training is truly unique in this regard. Irrelevant of dive experience, age, culture, or sex, everyone starts as equals and develops together. It is amazing to watch the development of people into Instructors… Not just on paper but in the thinking, acting and believing of themselves as Instructors. This is by far the best part of teaching these programs.

I love training instructors not only because I become part of each team and share this experience, but because I get to guide this development. Teaching Instructor development here at Abyss is a privilege and I honestly feel special to be able to be part of everyone’s journey.

Working at PADI’s only Career Development Centre and being the only ‘Platinum’ PADI Course Director in the state, I get to see more people blossom into fantastic PADI Instructors than most. Some days I just can’t stop smiling thinking about how happy people can become from their own accomplishments.

I love my job, and hope I can do it for the rest of my life!

See you on a course soon,

Carl Fallon

Platinum PADI Course Director