Abyss Scuba Diving

Malin Nordlund – Journey To Thailand


Yes, before you ask, Malin is her real name, she was obviously born to be a dive instructor! And this is her story…

 I got my Divemaster in 2007 and I can easily say that it is one of the best things I ever did.

At the time I was studying in Sydney and to divemaster for Abyss in the weekends offered a great break from the sometimes overwhelming projects I had and I also got to meet all the great people at Abyss, who by now where my close friends. After divemastering for  Abyss for almost 2 years I decided to take my IDC and become a scuba diving instructor.

The design job I had was interesting and I really enjoyed it for some time, but I started to feel that the confined environment of the office and the long days sitting in front of the computer made me frustrated and in the end I decided to change my life around, to let loose and let my passion and obsession guide me…

Now I am living in Thailand and have just finished a season working on a live-aboard in the Similan Islands, diving with manta rays the majestic black giants of the sea, weird and wonderful macro life, and huge diversity of tropical fish. I have my own small design company on the side that I work with when I am not diving… I am still in an office, but one that has no walls, no hours on end sitting down… but it is full of incredible and mind-blowing design – the design of the underwater world. I have met a wonderful man that share my love of the ocean, a man that I wouldn’t have met unless I had let go to live, work and breathe with people that share my passion…