Dive Mask Care

A Good Mask Is Your Key To Diving Enjoyment

A mask is one of the most important, and personal, pieces of scuba diving equipment you own because it is the window to the underwater world. You want a good quality dive mask that does not leak or fog because you don’t want to miss anything underwater.

How To Care For A Dive Mask

Pre-dive Mask Care

During the manufacturing process, a thin film of silicone will develop on the glass lens. This film of silicone will cause rapid fogging that is resistant to conventional anti-fog measures. It is crucial to remove this film of silicone from the lens before your first dive. To remove the film you will need to scrub the glass inside and out with a mild abrasive. A paste toothpaste is ideal, but for some mask, a stronger product like Sea Buff is necessary. Rub the cleanser into the glass with your fingers several times and then rinse clean thoroughly. Do not use a flame to remove the silicone as it runs a high risk of damaging the mask.

Mask fogging is a regular occurrence, even after the film of silicone has been removed. Before every dive, apply a defog solution to your mask lens. Do not use saliva as it will significantly reduce the life of the mask through the growth of mould on the skirt of the mask.

When getting ready to dive, please do not leave your mask in a location where it might be exposed to dropping weight belts or tanks. Do not transport the mask in the same container as the lead weights.

Mask Care During the Dive

Be familiar with your mask strap adjustment and locking device so that you can make quick adjustments at the dive site, if necessary.

When entering the water either from a boat or a beach, place a hand over the lens of your dive mask and hold it securely in place. This will help ensure your mask stays in place during entry and will help deflect any direct impact of water on the lens caused by the jump into the water or any approaching waves.

It is best to avoid putting your mask on your forehead at any time during the dive. Several factors can cause the mask on your forehead to be dislodged and subsequently lost. If you want to temporarily remove the mask from your face, place the mask around your neck.

Post-Dive Mask Care

For scuba mask cleaning, soak it in warm freshwater (not over 45c) to dissolve salt crystals. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and towel dry before final storage.

Storage Of A Dive Mask

 Store in a cool, dry, and protected place out of direct sunlight. In Sydney, it is a good idea to store the mask in a plastic box as cockroaches nibble on the silicone skirt and cause the mask to leak.

Keep your clear silicone out of contact with anything neoprene, like black scuba fins, because neoprene leaches into the silicone and discolors it.

In Sydney, it is a good idea to store the mask in a plastic box as cockroaches nibble on the silicone skirt and cause the mask to leak.


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