Omnired Technology

Stay Warm In The Water

As you know, when heat escapes your body, you can lose more than 60% of the energy that keeps you warm. To make sure you stay toasty during every dive, BARE's new Ultrawarmth category of watersports products features OMNIRED Technology. OMNIRED has been lab-tested and proven to provide the best thermal protection available in the diving industry.


OMNIRED Technology is the latest generation of infrared technology, shown to deliver thermal warmth, protection, and swifter recovery. OMNIRED's 13-thermo reactive minerals are entrenched in the fabric of the material. They convert outbound body heat into thermal energy and reflect it back to the body, permitting divers to maintain their optimal body temperature and stay warm in the water.

This process has been proven in strict scientific studies to outperform similar technologies.

Benefits of Omnired Technology

  • Hydrophobic with quick-drying properties
  • Anti-microbial for defence against bacteria and odour
  • Industry-leading thermal protection performance
  • Flexible and comfortable material

Omnired Technology Product Range

Evoke Female Wetsuit

Evoke Wetsuit

Evoke female wetsuit embodies the latest design thinking. Technically, it uses innovative Ultra warmth OMNIRED Technology to increase circulation, body warmth and performance, making it the warmest women's wetsuit on the market. Read More

Reactive wetsuit

Bare Reactive Wetsuit

The world's warmest dive wetsuit made with Omnired Technology and No Stich Technology. Reactive is a breakthrough in intelligent wetsuit design that is powered by you. The Reactive series is our first dive wetsuits that combine Ultra warmth Omnired…  Read More

Ultra warm Gloves

Ultra Warm Gloves

The new 3mm and 5mm Ultra warmth Gloves feature low-loft Ultra warmth OMNIRED Technology Technology embedded in the inner fabric for ultimate warmth during every dive…  Read More

Ultrawarmth Hooded Vest

Ultra Warm Hooded Vest 

Ultrawarmth Hooded Vests are designed to keep you warm throughout your core and head with high-loft Ultrawarmth Omnired™ Infrared Thermal technology embedded in the inner fabric.   Read More

Ultrawarmth Hood

Ultrawarmth Hood

OMNIRED Infrared Technology captures the heat from your head and reflects that wasted energy back to your body, helping you maintain your warmth and comfort.  …  Read More

Ultra Warm Boots

Ultra Warm Boots

Ultrawarmth Boots feature Ultrawarmth Omnired Technology embedded in the inner fabric. Omnired Technology is scientifically proven to conserve body heat and accelerate thermal recovery. These easy-entry boots restrict water flow, protect feet from sharp objects and prevent fin …  Read More.