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Sydney is renowned for its snorkelling spots in Sydney, offering a diverse range of sites that will keep your sense of discovery growing with every snorkelling expedition you go on. The calm waters of these spots provide ideal conditions for exploring marine life, including sea dragons, colorful fish, and other sea creatures, making it suitable for beginners and families. Sydney has a honeycomb of rivers and estuaries that offer sheltered snorkelling in every condition. With a little knowledge of ocean swell, wind and tides you will be able to predict where the best snorkelling spot on the day will be. All the staff here at Abyss Scuba Diving are more than happy to offer advice on site selection. So if you are unsure please just give us a call and ask.

Following is some good snorkelling sites. They are in order or difficult with the easiest ones at the first.

Clovelly Pool – Clovelly

General  Description: Clovelly pool would have been Sydney's best snorkelling spot for beginners. It is a natural bay that now has concrete surrounds. At one end you have an open ocean, with a shoal of boulders protecting the pool, and at the other is a sandy beach. Large Blue Groupers call the pool home and will follow you around the pool. If you punch your fist into your hand the groupers will come up to you, thinking you have food. Keep your eyes peeled for octopus roaming the pool floor.

Getting There: Travel to Clovelly. You can park in Eastbourne   Street for the easiest access. However, you can park anywhere around the pool, as there is water access on both sides.

Shelly Beach – Manly

General Description: On the Northern Beaches of Sydney, just south of world-famous Manly Beach, Shelley Beach has parking (With fierce competition on weekends) just meters away and with all facilities (Showers, Toilets, BBQ and even a piece of equipment donning platform) on location. An easy beach entry makes for an effortless snorkel that stretches towards neighbouring site Fairy Bower. During the winter months,  Shelly Beach is home to a school of Dusky Whaler Sharks. They can be seen patrolling the gutter in the middle of the beach. Just a short distance away, Cabbage Tree Bay is recognised as an aquatic reserve and one of the best snorkelling spots in Sydney, known for its calm waters and diverse marine life, including various fish species, sharks, and turtles.

Getting There: Follow Bower Road – Manly, to the south until it ends at the car park at Shelly Beach. From there, walk down the steps to the park proper.

Little Bay – Randwick

Little Bay Beach

General Description: One of the most beautiful beaches in Sydney, Little Bay is an easy snorkel on calm days. The bay faces due east, which means it is open to a large ocean swell. If you stay well within the confines of the bay you will experience little current. Outside the heads of the bay current can be experienced, usually north to south.

You can definitely make a day out of going here. Take a packed lunch, water, beach towel, and sunscreen. You will love it! Little Bay has a lovely beach that is perfect for all the family. Little Bay is home to Cuttle Fish, Octopus, schooling baitfish, and the occasional King Fish in the warmer months. Schooling Blackfish can also be seen running along the shores here.

Little Bay should be called Pot Luck Bay because anything can be seen here.

Getting  There: Drive to Coast Hospital Road in Randwick.

Bare Island: A Snorkelling Spot in La' Parouse

Bare Island

General  Description: Bare Island is arguably Sydney’s most popular snorkelling site. Bare Island was created during the Crimean War, the location was immortalised in the blockbuster film Mission Impossible 2, as the Virus Factory. The best snorkelling is on the inside of the island,  between the island and the mainland. You can follow the mainland from the beach on the left all the way around under the bridge. Just be careful as there are a  lot of fishermen that cast their lines from bridges. (Make sure you have your dive knife handy).  Cuttlefish, schooling fish, Blue Groupers, and many more awesome species can be viewed here, showcasing a vibrant array of marine life and fish species. Among the diverse marine life encountered around Bare Island, snorkelers can also marvel at moray eels, Port Jackson sharks, and weedy sea dragons, adding to the underwater spectacle. The underwater environment is a dynamic landscape, featuring rocky reefs teeming with colourful marine life, including the elusive red Indian fish, further highlighting the variety of habitats and species that snorkelers can explore.

Make sure you bring a couple of dollars for an ice cream cone from Mr Wippy after your snorkel. The snake man is the highlight of the area, and he runs free shows most weekends. You can find him at the large wooden snake pit on the left as you drive into La’ Perouse.  There is nearly no shade at all at this site. So if you are going to be here all day, pack sunscreen, hat and make sure you have plenty of water.

Exploring Marine Life: Snorkelling Sydney

Botany Bay, Malabar Beach, and the Royal National Park are notable snorkelling locations that showcase the beauty and diversity of Sydney's coastal areas. Sydney snorkelling has a great opportunity to be an exclusive experience. Sydney affords a vast variety of snorkelling spots that will keep your sense of discovery growing with each snorkelling adventure you are taking. The best thing about Sydney’s snorkelling sites is that they are available in a wide range of conditions. The diversity of marine life, including sea horses, sea life, and tropical species, makes Sydney's snorkelling spots a vibrant underwater world waiting to be explored. Sydney's underwater world offers snorkelers rich and varied experiences, from encountering colourful tropical fish to exploring unique marine habitats.

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