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Do You Find It Hard To Get Your Wetsuit On?


Wetsuits do need to be tight. Put simply a wetsuit works by trapping a small amount of water between the neoprene and your body. Your body heat keeps that small amount of water warm. The neoprene is filled with bubbles of air and provides insulation. If the suit is too big the water keeps going out and your are flushed with cool water again. So this is why you want to suit close-fitting.

So, they should not slide on like your PJ’s. They need to be close-fitting. If you find it hard to pull your wetsuit up, you can put a pair of stockings on first. The lycra in the stocking will allow the wetsuit to slide more easily up your legs. Make sure you go for hot pink stocking, always a good site at a dive site..

If stocking are not your thing or you have trouble with the arms I can recommend a product all slippy. This product is a powder that you mix with water and it makes a jelly-like liquid. You can spread this on your body or put it inside your suit to allow your suit to slide on.