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A Scuba Boat for the Lazy Diver! 

Shore diving is great, it is free and can be done anytime. But if you  find carrying your gear to the site up and down hills hard, or the exits of a shore dive challenging or even the issue of getting a car park in summer just annoying, then it is time to give boat diving a go.

Here at Abyss Scuba Diving we have a beautiful, comfortable, fast dive boat that just makes diving easy. As easy as jumping off the back of a boat ;) The Abyss custom-made vessel has plenty of room, and with all dives being DM lead, it is great for all levels of divers. 

The boat departs from the San Souci boat ramp, just under the Caption Cook Bridge, 5 min south of the dive Center. With plenty of all-day free parking available, it just makes it all a little bit easier. 

Once at the boat ramp, set up your gear and take the short, easy walk over to the boat. We have an 8 am and mid-day departure, catering for the early risers and those who prefer a sleep-in. With 900hp on the back of the vessel, it is a fun, fast trip, allowing for extra time underwater and the double dive not taking all day. 

Most of the dives are based out of Botany Bay, allowing for the protection of the bay if the seas are rough. Doing sites under this protection, like the beautiful sponge gardens of Heneries Head or the drop-offs at the whale watch platform. 

Most of the time, we head out of the heads to sites like Magic Point to see the sharks or Dragons Lair to see the weedies. We also do some southern sites that no other charter boats do like Barrens Hutt to dive the 28m swim through and the Tuggerah wreck in 45 m 

So if you are up for a bit of adventure, tired of the shore dives and want to check out different sites or maybe just feeling a little lazy and not want to carry your gear and fight for a car park, then join us for a boat dive. 

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By Rachael Fallon