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Have you been pondering what to get your younger relatives for Christmas this year?

Instead of buying the toys off the shelf to keep them preoccupied for a few hours, try giving them something that could bring them years of fun. Come to our store this Christmas and grab snorkelling set for your loved ones.

We have a wide range of snorkelling sets for everyone for Summer. So, if you have a pool, it will keep everyone busy on Christmas day.

I cannot recommend a snorkelling set for younger ones enough. My first time trying a snorkelling set, I was around 10 years old, but I was a seasoned swimmer. The thought of being able to put my face in the water and use the snorkel for breathing was so foreign to me. I just held my breath. I refused to believe I could breathe underwater. Eventually, I gathered up enough courage to take the smallest sip of air from the snorkel and was amazed at this new world I was in. For younger people, we find that they are so excited to come and do an Openwater course with us, but they are so nervous about the snorkel and regulator. This is such an easy transition if they already understand the concept. It also provides heaps of fun. During the school holidays, you could take them to local dive sites, such as Bare Island and Oak Park. To show them the amazing creatures that live under the water just around the corner from home. However, if you live a bit further from the ocean. No worries, just head over to your local pool and get them practising their skills before heading out into the ocean on the next family holiday. Get them to practice their duck dives and snorkel clearing for when they are diving down to look at the turtle at Bare Island or Gus the Grouper at Oak Park.

If you are lucky, head on over to Bass and Flinders, and you might be able to spot some Bull Rays with that new mask on. Make sure you take a GoPro or something to take footage, with you. Otherwise, if you didn’t get a photo. Will anyone believe that you were swimming with a pod of dolphins that can sometimes be sighted with the surfers at Oak Park? Some of our other perfect snorkelling sites for easy swimming include; Clovelly pool and Little Bay. These sites are well-known and protected because of their location. So, if you are at all worried about the ocean, these two sites are the perfect location for you to check out.

Depending on the level of swimming competency of the loved one receiving the gift, you can adjust the gift accordingly. If you want to get them a snorkel and mask, we offer these as a package deal. However, if you also wanted to include a set of fins, we have options for this as well. Meaning that if they wanted to practice swimming with the fins as well, they could opt to get the package which the fins can be included in.

For a Christmas present, this is the perfect option. As we tend to find that all kids want to do nowadays is sit in front of a screen or sit inside for the entire holidays. This is a great way to get them outside and exercise in a fun and unique manner. They may even go back to school telling their friends about how cool their snorkelling was during the holidays. This is also the perfect opportunity to teach them about this wonderful environment and what we should be doing to protect it. Teaching them about the creatures that live below us and their cool camouflage techniques, such as the nudibranch or the cuttlefish.

So, if you are looking for the perfect Christmas present. Make sure to check out our snorkelling packages online or the next time you are in our store.

By Samantha Patterson Ross

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