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Martin Fallon, A Divers Dive Boat Skipper


Martin Fallon, a divers dive boat skipper

Marty's love of the ocean started about 40 years ago when he got his recreational boat license, which was followed a short time later by the acquisition of his first boat, a 6mtr, 85 hp ocean runabout called "Sea Fury." Over the years, he used this little boat to hone many of his ocean skills.

The transition from recreational to commercial skipper was a gradual process over the last 20 years. Marty became heavily involved with diving commercially for 15 years with Sea Dragon Diving, skippering the work vessels including a 6mtr open hull stabi craft and a 8mtr 150hp work barge. At the same time he trained as a PADI Dive Master and then PADI Open water scuba Instructor and began skippering the Abyss Scuba Diving recreational dive boat.

Initially, Marty “Sea Dragon II” gleaning many valuable years of knowledge about the dive sites around southern Sydney. Marty is now the most experienced commercial dive boat captain in these waters and this along with his training as a PADI Instructor provides him with a unique insight into providing his divers with the best experience possible.

In 2019, the decision was made to replace "Seadragon II" and have a purpose-built dive charter vessel built which was designed by divers for divers to dive in the waters around Sydney. As a result, "Bidjigal Dreaming" was born, with 900hp the latest in navigational aids, sensational ocean-going ability, flush toilets, hot showers, cooking facilities, and the list goes on. Marty has been her skipper since she was launched.

Marty's commercial scuba diver training combined with his PADI Open Water Diver certification and NC1 Coxswain certification has given him the knowledge and insight of what divers would expect from him as a dive boat skipper. The love of the ocean combined with his love of scuba diving helps him to provide the safety and pleasure of each person on his boat.

We hope to see you diving with Marty soon and take advantage of his knowledgeable experience to make your diving pleasure the best it can be.

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