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4 Tips For Scuba Diving With Seals


4 Tips for Scuba Diving with Seals

Scuba diving with seals is one of the most exhilarating underwater experiences imaginable. Seals are one of the most fascinating creatures you can ever dive with. All they want to do is play with you, and if you don't want to play with them then they will find someone or something else to play with.

Here are four tips for scuba diving with seals.

  1. Give Seals a Reason to Interact with You: Seals are curious about divers, and they would love to play with them. If you have an underwater rattle or underwater horn, use the noise to attract them to you. Move around, twist and turn, and copy them, and they will interact with you. The more you interact with them the more they will interact with you.

  2. Stay Shallow: To get the most of your seal diving experience requires considerable physical activity on the part of the diver. As your intake of air doubles every ten meters you dive, it is recommended that you stay at a depth between five and ten meters. Even at that depth you will be amazed at how quickly time will fly and how soon your dive will be finished.

    Australian fur seals can hold their breath for over 6 minutes and dive to a depth of two hundred metres, so don’t think you can compete with them.

  3. Remember Seals are wild animals: Diver’s love to get close to them because they are beautiful and friendly, but we cannot forget that they are wild animals. Touching seals or encouraging them to investigate you with their mouths is a bad idea.

    Despite this, seals have a similar level of intelligence to a dog. Whilst they are strong and powerful with huge teeth these are highly unlikely to be used aggressively towards you – even playfully, they can be incredibly gentle.

  4. Enjoy the experience: Diving with seals is an amazing experience that you'll never forget!

A day out with seals is an experience that many divers look forward to, but never get around to experiencing. It is one of the most exciting diving experiences that divers can have while scuba diving in NSW!  Book your seal dive today!

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