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6 Tips To Make The Absolute Best Of Your Dives


6 Tips to make the Absolute Best of Your Dives.

The more dives you make, the more times you experience an extraordinary dive. One of the great joys of scuba diving is making that perfect dive. I can still remember several of my treasured dives that I have made almost 30 years, as vividly as dives I made yesterday.

Here are six tips to help you make the absolute of your dives:

  1. Know your Environment
    Whenever you are going into a new environment, take the time to know what you're doing before you arrive. Google it, research it, talk to the local dive store, ask other divers. You do not want to be on one of your first dive at a location and realize that you have no idea where the exit is.
  2. Prepare Yourself
    Set a goal to become a Rescue Diver. Becoming a rescue diver should be the objective of all divers. This will make you a safer and much more confident diver. Making excellent dives is entirely dependent on your confidence.
  3. Take Your Time
    While we always say to live in the moment while you are diving, that does not mean rushing into things. Patience is always key, especially when diving deep or at night. You can always go back and get another look at something or another photo later if there's time. You can never get one back alive though.
  4. Don't Touch Anything
    This is a difficult one, as everything looks so cool, and you just want to touch it. But resist the urge! You never know what might be lurking on that rock or coral, and you do not want to inadvertently damage something sensitive. Plus, the less you touch, the better chance you have of seeing some amazing creatures.
  5.  Find Joy in the Little Things
    Since whale sharks are not around on every dive, take the time to focus on the beauty of the everyday underwater life. Take delight in the patterns on a sea dragon and be hypnotized by watching a giant cuttlefish, with their pulsating skin and their ability to change colour and texture patterns.
  6. Check Your Gear Regularly
    And finally, one of the most important tips - make sure to check your gear regularly! Before every dive, take a few minutes to ensure that everything is in good working order. Finally make sure you check you air supply on a regular basis.

Diving is one of the most relaxing, invigorating, enjoyable and memorable activities anyone can do. By using these six basic strategies you can make the absolute best of your dives.