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The Ultimate Glossary Of Terms About The Avelo Dive System


The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About the Avelo Dive System

Greetings, fellow diving enthusiasts and potential Avelo divers! We extend a warm welcome to our comprehensive glossary of terms about the remarkable Avelo Dive System. We have meticulously curated this guide to ensure you have a thorough understanding of all things Avelo. So, make yourself comfortable, grab a steaming cup of coffee, settle in, and get ready to embark on a captivating underwater journey with us! Let's dive right in and explore the fascinating world of the Avelo Dive System together!

Avelo Dive System Specifics

Aveloing (Avelo Diving) : A state-of-the-art diving system offering advanced learning courses on various aspects of diving, including scuba science, dive theory, technology, and physiology.

Avelo System: Imagine combining the best of freediving and scuba, and you've got the Avelo System. It's all about weightlessness, lighter equipment, easy-peasy buoyancy control, and outstanding performance.

Hydrotank: This isn't your ordinary air tank. It's unique, lightweight, and a major player in the Avelo System. You can fill it with water to adjust your buoyancy, making your dive feel as light as a feather.

Jetpack: This backplate system is specifically designed to securely hold and operate the Hydrotank, along with the battery and Pump.

Pump: The Pump serves as your buoyancy tuning tool, allowing you to add water to the Hydrotank for precise control during dives. To Pump refers to the action of adding water to the Hydrotank, reducing the diver's buoyancy. It's a straightforward process that ensures optimal control underwater.

Purge Valve: This small component is truly revolutionary. It effectively dispenses water from the Hydrotank whenever it is needed, primarily utilized when resurfacing at the conclusion of a dive to restore positive buoyancy.

Regulator: The dive regulator setup comprises a robust DIN 1st stage, built to withstand pressures of at least 300 bar. This is coupled with a primary 2nd stage for breathable air supply. To ensure safety and effective monitoring, it is vital to have a secondary gas source (octopus), a submersible pressure gauge, and a depth gauge or an air-integrated dive computer.  


Buoyancy and Its Control

Buoyancy: Ever wondered why you float, sink, or stay still in the water? That's buoyancy for you. It's all about the upward force experienced by anything submerged in a fluid.

Positive Buoyancy: This is when you're floating on cloud nine, literally! It happens when the buoyant force is greater than your weight.

Neutral Buoyancy: This is the sweet spot where you're suspended in the water, neither sinking nor floating. The Avelo System is a pro at maintaining this state.

Negative Buoyancy: When you start to sink, that's negative buoyancy. It happens when the buoyant force is less than your weight.

Proper Weighting: It's all about carrying just the right amount of weight for a diver using the Avelo System. It's key to controlling your buoyancy effectively.

Tidal Volume: This refers to the volume of air you exchange during breathing, playing a vital role in controlling buoyancy.

Stable Neutral Buoyancy: With the Avelo System, you can effortlessly maintain neutral buoyancy, regardless of your movement within the water column.

Dive Planning and Monitoring

Dive Profiles: These are your roadmaps for planning and monitoring your dives with the Avelo System. They help you anticipate your depth and how long you'll be underwater.

Safety Stop: This is a crucial pause you take during your ascent to let off some nitrogen gas, helping you avoid decompression sickness.

Dive Computer: The Avelo dive system offers a convenient device that calculates your remaining dive time by taking into account your depth and gas consumption. It is worth mentioning that while a dive computer is not mandatory for the Avelo dive system, you can also use a simple setup of Submersible Pressure Gauges (SPGs) and a slate for your dives.

Avelo Mode: The Avelo mode utilizes tidal volume-controlled buoyancy boundaries (TVCCBs) to enhance buoyancy, reduce air consumption, and optimize workload. By maintaining neutral buoyancy within the range of +0.75 kg-Force and -0.75 kg-Force, the Avelo Mode on your dive computer acts as a personal coach, guiding you to extend your dive time. Additionally, Avelo Mode offers a post-dive analysis tool for evaluating performance and accelerating skill development. Whether you're a beginner or a professional diver, this game-changing tool unlocks a whole new level of underwater exploration. Experience the real magic by activating "Avelo Mode" on your dive computer.

Underlying Physics

Gas Density: This is a measure of how much mass a gas has per unit volume. In diving, it affects your buoyancy and how easy it is to breathe.

Pressure: This is the force exerted by a gas per unit area. It's crucial to understand because it affects your buoyancy and gas consumption.

Volume: This refers to the space a gas takes up. Knowing how gases behave under pressure is key in diving.

Avelo Acronyms

RAD:   The RAD (Recreational Avelo Diver), is the Avelo Dive System's entry-level certification course. Designed to equip divers with essential skills for utilizing the Avelo Hydrotank and maintaining neutral buoyancy. RAD covers pre-dive safety checks, emergency procedures, and routine maintenance. Upon completion, divers receive a digital certification that can be saved to their phone or shared anywhere in the world. 

BASE: Performing a buddy check before every dive is crucial for safety. Remember the acronym BASE: Battery, Air, Straps/Hoses, and Everything Else. Ensure your buddy's battery is functioning, verify your own gas pressure, secure straps and hoses, and gather all necessary equipment. By following these steps, you can enhance safety and ensure a smooth diving experience.



So there you have it, folks! This glossary is your one-stop guide to understanding the Avelo Dive System. By getting to grips with these terms, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for how Avelo is revolutionizing scuba diving, making your underwater adventures safer, lighter, and much more enjoyable. Happy diving!

 Diving the Avelo system is like flying

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Avelo dive system?

The Avelo Dive System is a groundbreaking scuba diving equipment that utilizes water to manage buoyancy and eliminates the requirement for a BCD. This inventive design can assist in conserving air and effortlessly maintaining neutral buoyancy, enhancing the pleasure of your underwater explorations!

Why is standard scuba gear so heavy?

Standard scuba gear is heavy because it includes a wet suit, buoyancy compensation device (BCD), and a tank, all of which displace water and require additional weight to achieve neutral buoyancy. The Avelo System addresses this issue by using Hydrotanks that are lighter than traditional scuba tanks.

Why is achieving stable neutral buoyancy difficult with standard scuba gear?

Neutral buoyancy with standard scuba gear is unstable due to the compressible volume of the BCD, which reacts to pressure changes and creates a narrow zone of stable neutral buoyancy. The Avelo System eliminates the need for a BCD by incorporating buoyancy control directly into the system, resulting in a wider zone of stable neutral buoyancy.

What other advantages does the Avelo System offer over traditional scuba gear?

The Avelo System offers superior buoyancy control, making diving safer and less prone to problems. It also provides longer bottom time, reduces gas consumption, and eliminates the risk of rapid, uncontrolled ascents or descents.

In the event of a gear malfunction, how does the Avelo System ensure the diver’s safety?

The Avelo System minimizes the risk of gear malfunctions. In the event of a leak from the high-pressure hydraulic hose, the diver will have 15-20 minutes to address it. Bladder failure is not an emergency as air pressure keeps water out of the Hydrotank. Bladders are inspected and tested like standard scuba tanks.

Is the Avelo System suitable for beginner divers?

Yes, the Avelo System is designed to be user-friendly, making it suitable for beginners although you must first certify as an Open Water Diver. Its superior buoyancy control and safety features make diving safer and less prone to problems, which is ideal for those just getting started with diving.