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Diving Jobs That Might Surprise You (part 2)


Diving jobs that might surprise you (Part 2)

In Part 1 We’ve covered off potable water divers, scientific divers, abalone divers, golf ball divers and oil and gas divers. Now, take a look at a few more weird and wonderful diving jobs that let you do what you love (well, except maybe for the contaminated environment diving) AND get paid for it!


  1. Underwater pizza delivery diver

Ok, so delivering pizza isn’t his only job, but Rob Doyle from Florida has snapped up some pretty awesome work. Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo has a “world-famous pizza delivery dinner”, where Rob will head to the local pizza shop, pick up your meal and deliver it to your hotel room located almost 6.5 metres underwater. Check out the video! He’s also tasked with maintenance jobs around the hotel, but it’s not bad work if you can get it! Something tells me we’ll be waiting for Rob to retire before there’s a job opening like this again.

  1. Sinkhole diver

Sinkholes. The earth opens up and swallows everything from trees to buildings. Now popular with cave divers, there’s still a lot to learn about predicting sinkholes and preventing disaster. Conducting research in sinkholes is a form of scientific diving, but I thought it warranted its own mention due to the increasing popularity of recreational cave diving. In Australia, many sinkholes are located on private property and so the Cave Divers Association of Australia liaises with landowners to reach agreements under which members of the CDAA can visit these amazing caverns.

  1. Contaminated environment diver

Sounds like a euphemism for sewage diver, doesn’t it? Well for the most part, it is. You might also dive in fresh water containing suspected bacteria and other nasties, but there’s a fair bit of maintenance work involved in sewage farms and of course the odd, er, blockage to clear. There’s no doubt that this is a risky job – you’ve got the obvious health risks of contamination should the suit flood or even a glove tear (hope you’re not afraid of needles, because you’ll need every vaccination under the sun before embarking on this job), and you’re also likely to be using drilling equipment in zero visibility. These brave souls are usually tradies first, divers second.

  1. Navy Clearance Diver

In an Australian Navy Clearance Diving Team (CDT), you could work in Mine Counter Measures (focusing on the location and safe disposal of underwater munitions and explosives), Maritime Tactical Operations (a clandestine career in enemy territory), Underwater Battle Damage Repair (installing, maintaining and repairing underwater fittings and installations), or Explosive Ordnance Disposal (rendering safe both military and improvised explosive devices). Check out their websitefor detailed descriptions of the roles, including the array of equipment required for these jobs.

  1. Other (very) random specialties

If underwater modelling is more your thing, you might be interested in undertaking a specialist course in this. Think I’m kidding? Nope – check out some of PADI’s more unusual courses here. If you thought being an instructor involved just teaching Open Water courses, think again! Underwater basket weaving, anyone? Check out the specialties you can undertake with Abyss!

What’s the most unusual diving career you’ve heard about?