Boat Diving

Do you love diving but hate lugging your gear around?

Boat Diving in Sydney

Boat Dives is the solution for you! You can explore all the amazing underwater Sydney has to offer without having to worry about carrying your dive equipment up and down hills. Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art dive boat has everything you need for a great dive, including caves, swim-throughs, overhangs and drop-offs. Plus, you’ll have access to dive sites with vibrant colours of sponges, corals, sea fans and gorgonian branches that attract a huge amount of marine life. Some of the marine life you might see include blue gropers, weedy sea dragons, Port Jackson sharks, grey nurse, nudibranchs, kingfish, leatherjackets, wrasse, moray eels, octopus and giant cuttlefish!

Boat diving allows you to explore all the best Sydney has to offer underwater without any hassles. Our experienced divemasters will make sure you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable dive. Plus, our comfortable boat means you can relax between dives or sick on a cup of soup and take in the stunning views of the Sydney Coastline.

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The Abyss Scuba Diving boat in Sydney

Scuba enthusiasts will love The Abyss Dive Boat!

The Abyss diving boat is surpassed by none when it comes to comfort, speed, and convenience. With its ability to quickly travel to a variety of dive sites, divers can easily get in a second dive and be back home before lunchtime. Additionally, the hot showers on the back deck are always appreciated by those who love luxury accommodations. All things considered, the Abyss boat makes for a much more enjoyable diving experience than other boats on the market today.

The 12.5 meter-long ally collar RIB was custom-made in 2020 and is similar to marine rescue boats; therefore, it can move quickly with its 900 horsepower engine while remaining stable.

  •  Lots of space for both divers & gear
  • Onboard facilities include toilet and hot showers
  • Dual ladders
  • Comfortable undercover seating
  • Experienced, helpful crew

Pickup is close to the dive shop for gear hire.

The majority of our guided boat dives have a boat pickup located only five minutes from the Abyss Scuba Diving. If you need to gear hire, simply collect it from the shop before heading south down Rocky Point Road to San Souci Park. The fisherman's wharf at the park is where we'll be waiting for you. And don't worry – there are plenty of parking spots available!

Dive Sites

A range of quality dive sites are easily accessible.

If you want to see grey nurses, weedy sea dragons, a deep wreck or beautiful sponge life, we have easy access to it all. Our pick-up point at the mouth of Botany Bay allows for protected dives within the bay and a range of different topography outside the bay.

 Some popular dive sites near our pick include:

  •  The Grey Nurse Shark aggregation site off Magic Point. This is one of only a few locations in NSW where divers can swim with this amazing creature.
  • The stunning sponge gardens of Henry Head.
  • Dragons Lair gives a close-up view of these elusive creatures.
  • technical dives on the wreck of the Tuggerah

 Safety requirements for boat dives

  • The Dive Sites schedule is a guide for our planned locations, but if conditions are unsafe, we reserve the right for the boat skipper to choose an alternative site.
  • If the dive site is deeper than 18 meters, you must have completed your Advanced certification.
  • You must have a safety sausage to dive. If you do not own one, don't worry! You can buy one when you book your guided boat dive online or on the morning of the dive.
  • The double guided boat dives includes Divemaster's services for all the divers on the boat. Having a personal DM will be an additional $199.
  • If you haven't dived within the past 6 months and have not completed 20 dives, then you must take a refresher dive prior to the boat dives.

Sydney double boat

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