Lilli Pilli Baths

Lilli Pilli  
Site Known for its seahorses. Teaming with life, popular with photographers.
Experience Level Open Water
Max Depth 22m
Warnings A Popular fishing site, and lots of boat traffic as well as more boats. Recommended surfacing close to shore. Can have poor visibility. Silt/sand bottom.
Conditions Well-protected against all swell, exposed to strong Westerly winds. Best on an incoming tide
Location Lilli Pilli Point Road

Port Hacking offers a range of beautiful dive sites. One of those includes Lilli Pilli. There are moorings to dive under and the netted swimming area provides a home for endangered seahorses. Schools of fish can be found swimming around the nets. Visibility is best during slack high tide.

 Lilli Pilli is protected against most conditions and very rarely becomes rough, making it the perfect calm spot for both scuba divers and free divers.

It can be entered from the jetty on the right site of the netted pool, or down by the ramp next to the Scout Hall. The ramp can be quite slippery, so it is recommended to enter on the left side of the ramp where rocks provide an easy step-down.

There is a drop off around 5 meters from the entrance where the depth goes from 1m to about 6m. If you head left and follow the rock ledge around, you will quickly come to the net. All along this net seahorses, schools of fish as well as pygmy leather jackets can be found.

If you head right from the drop-off, you can follow the rock ledge around. Here you may find the resident Wobbegong Shark hiding under a ledge. There is octopus here which can be spotted by their ‘garden’ of shells they build around their hole. Cuttlefish are found blending in with the seaweed along the ledge too.

 Marine Life:

There is so much life hiding in this dive spot, it’s worth taking a torch and swimming slowly along checking under every ledge and looking in every crevice.

Lilli Pilli Dive Site

Lilli Pilli Dive Site
    Dive Start Date Places Available  
Lilli Pilli - Shore Dive Sunday 19 May 2024 8

  • Start Date: Sun 19 May 2024 at 10:00
  • Places Available: 8

a beautiful dive at cronulla called oak park at Jibbon Street Cronulla. Oak Park is a relatively shallow dive (max 11m) but the site is massive with a large range of marine life, from cuttlefish through to schools of Old Wives. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced diver, it is a great site for everyone. Be at the store at more than 30 mins before to collect your gear and meet your dive masters before driving yourself to the site.

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