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Boat Diving Sydney

Our dive boat has been designed for divers, having all the necessities that make a great boat diving. Entry and exit are easy with a big dive platform and a fin-friendly ladder. There is even a hot freshwater shower to rinse off. There are sun cream, wind jackets and even shampoo to wash your hair. The boat does have a toilet.

Our guided boat dives offer a range of Sydney dive destinations and plenty of sheltered boat dive sites to pull up for a light lunch between dives. Lunch consists of soup with a selection of spreads, as well as cheese and biscuits. After the double dive, there is some chocolate to the top of the great experience. As a rule, we always advise you to take seasickness tablets. 

Dive Boat Pickup

Our dive boat pick-up for the majority of our dives is located only five minutes for the dive centre. Head south from the shop down Rocky Point Road to  San Souci Park. The Pickup is from the fishermen's wharf at San Souci Park. Lots of car parking is available.

Note: Dive boat sites deeper than 18 metres - require Advanced certification. It is a requirement that all divers carry a signal tube (safety sausage). If you do not own one,  you can purchase one at the time of booking or on the morning of the dive. The cost of the double boat dive is $120 including Divemaster services and snacks. The divemaster is there to help all divers but they are assisting up to 10 divers. If you feel you need your own private DM, then this service is available for an extra $149.

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    Dive Start Date Price  
Magic Point - Boat Sunday 09 Jun 2024 AU$ 120.00

  • Start Date: Sun 09 Jun 2024 at 08:00
  • Our Price: AU$ 120.00

The Magic Point shark dive is a double boat dive. The boat will Depart at the scheduled time from the Sans Souci public Fishing wharf off Riverside drive. This location is easy to get to by public transport or drive yourself. Please be at Abyss Scuba Diving one hour before departure to collect any rental dive gear.

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Henry Head - Boat Sunday 09 Jun 2024 AU$ 120.00

  • Start Date: Sun 09 Jun 2024 at 12:00
  • Our Price: AU$ 120.00

Henereis head is knowen for its colourful sponge gardens. I love this site, not a long boat trip, normally calm and so much colour. The boat will Depart at the scheduled time from Sans souci public Fishing wharf off River side drive. This location is easy to get to by public transport or you can drive yourself. Please be at Abyss Scuba Diving one hour prior to departure tiem to collect any gear you need

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Scuba diving enthusiasts need not look any further- The Abyss Boat is perfect for you!

The Abyss diving boat is unrivalled in comfort, speed, and convenience. With its ability to rapidly travel to a plethora of sites, divers can effortlessly get in a second dive and return home before lunchtime. Plus, the hot showers on the back deck are always refreshing for those who love luxury accommodations. The Abyss dive boat is a 12.5-meter-long ally collar RIB that was custom-made in 2020 and is like marine rescue boats. It has a 900-horsepower engine, making it able to move quickly while remaining stable -- perfect for diving experiences!

  • Ample space for both divers and gear
  • Onboard facilities include toilet and hot showers
  • Dual ladders for easy access
  • Comfortable undercover seating area
  • Our team is experienced and happy to help with any issues you may have.

Our guided boat dives offer a wealth of quality dive sites depending on your unique interests. For example, if you want to see grey nurses, weedy sea dragons, or a deep wreck, they're all easy to find and accessible. Our team picks you up at the mouth of Botany Bay for dives within the bay itself as well as in other areas with varied topography outside the bay.

 Some of the popular dive boat sites near our pick include:

  • Looking for an amazing diving experience? Magic Point is one of the few locations in New South Wales where you can swim with Grey Nurse Sharks!
  • The scene at Henry Head is one of ethereal beauty, with sponge gardens that take your breath away.
  • Dragons Lair brings you up close and personal with the elusive weedy sea dragon.

Boat diving safety requirements

  • Our Dive Sites schedule is only a guide for our planned locations. If conditions aren't safe, the boat skipper has the right to choose an alternative site.
  • You must have completed your Advanced certification to dive any deeper than 18 meters.
  • Every diver needs a safety sausage if you don't have one, not to fret! You can easily purchase one when you book your next diving expedition online or on the morning of the dive.
  • The double-guided boat dive with a Divemaster will cost you $120. If you would like to have your own personal DM, it is an additional charge of $149.
  • Unless you have dove in the past 6 months and completed 20 dives, you must take a refresher dive before boat diving.

 Boat Diving Sydney

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