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How Much Does It Cost To Learn To Dive?


How Much Does It Cost To Learn To Dive?

Like most things in the world, when it comes to learn to dive courses, you get what you pay for. At the moment in Sydney, the cost to learn to dive can vary from $249 to $995.
So why the differences?

  1. The Certifying Agency: PADI is by far the largest certifying agency in the world and the quality of the product you get from PADI is second to none. PADI has more than 6,200 dive centres worldwide and have issued more than twenty-three million diver certifications. On the other hand, some shops in Sydney use a certifying agency with less than a hand full of shops world-wide, and their courses are cheap for that reason. It must be remembered that your diver certification will last you a lifetime and for your investment of time and money, you need to know that it is recognised and will continue to be recognised.

    If you would like to find out more about Scuba Diving and the quality of the PADI online eLearning, then we offer a FREE PADI Introduction to Scuba Diving Course. This course requires no commitment, is 100% FREE and enables you to learn more about scuba diving.

  2. The numbers in the class: The more expensive courses are designed for personalized tuition of one student and one instructor. Obviously, the smaller the class, the higher the cost for the instructor. But at the same time, you increase the personal attention and safety of the course.

    The world-wide ratio standards for a dive course are a maximum of eight students per Instructor, which can be increased to ten if there is an added instructional assistant (Divemaster or Assistant Instructor).

    At Abyss Scuba Diving, we have the objective of maximising your diving enjoyment and safety, and hence we have a maximum ratio of four student for each of our instructors. This does slightly increase the cost of the course, but we believe it is important if we are to produce divers who will continue with a lifelong love affair with scuba diving and the underwater world.

  3. The Equipment: Enjoying diving is dependent on having the right equipment. To do that it is important that student divers have good a quality mask and snorkel, high quality fins (ideally split fins) and booties. Booties are extremely important to ensure you don’t cut your feet and you stay warm. A quality wetsuit, a weight integrated BCD, a quality balanced regulator and steel tanks. Without these things the student diver will struggle.

    Many of the cheaper courses do not include these fundamentals and many insist that the divers purchase much of their own basic equipment, inflating the price of the course.

  4. The Experience of the Instructor: The experience and training play an important part in how well the instructor can handle any issues that may arise in the course. At Abyss Scuba Diving the instructors that we use on our PADI Open Water Course are a minimum level of PADI Master Scuba Trainer. To become a Master Scuba Trainer, an instructor must have certified at least 25 PADI Divers and have earned five or more PADI Specialty Instructor certifications. We believe the most valuable time in a divers training is when they are learning the fundamentals of diving.


At Abyss Scuba Diving we run small classes (maximum of four students in our group classes), supply quality equipment, teach using PADI eLearning and use PADI Master Scuba Trainers. The cost of learning to dive in our Small Group PADI open water starts at $479 whereas our Individual private course is $899
So, when you ask the question "How Much Does It Cost to Learn to Dive?" then it is also important to ask: is it a PADI course? What is the student to instructor ratios? And how experienced are the instructors conducting the training.


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