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How Much Does It Cost To Learn To Dive?


How Much Does It Cost to Learn to Dive?

When it comes to scuba diving courses, you get what you pay for. In Sydney, the cost of learning how to dive can range from an affordable $199 all the way up to a steep $1,500. So why such extreme price discrepancies when it comes to becoming a scuba diver?

The Certifying Agency

With over 6,200 dive centres and more than twenty-three million diver certifications worldwide, PADI is incomparably the largest and most renowned certifying agency in the world. Their quality of product delivery is unrivalled making them worth investing your hard-earned money into for a top-notch diving experience. On the other hand, some shops in Sydney may offer cheap packages through agencies with only 2 or 3 shops around the globe; however, they don't come close to offering you an exceptional underwater adventure! It's essential you recall that an investment in a lifetime of diver certification is worth it- so make sure your training will be recognized wherever you go. Don't squander either time or money on courses that may not be accepted!

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The numbers in the class

Our more expensive courses provide one-on-one tuition, with costs reflecting the superior level of personal attention and safety. To ensure standards are met internationally, we adhere to a maximum of eight students per Instructor - unless an additional Divemaster or Assistant Instructor is present, in which case it rises to ten.

At Abyss Scuba Diving, we are 100% committed to your safety and satisfaction while exploring the underwater world. That's why we only allow four students for each instructor - it guarantees that you will receive superior-quality instruction at all times! This might slightly increase course fees but rest assured that you'll gain access to everything necessary for a lifetime of adoration for scuba diving and its hidden treasures beneath the sea.

The Scuba Diving Equipment

To ensure that student divers have a fulfilling diving experience, access to quality equipment is essential. A good mask and snorkel, split fins, booties (for comfort and safety), wetsuit, weight-integrated BCD (buoyancy control device) regulator, steel tanks are all must-haves for successful exploration below the surface. Without these fundamentals in place however it can be difficult for students to fully appreciate their scuba adventures; unfortunately, many more affordable courses do not include such items as part of the package which then necessitates additional purchases by participants - making them much less cost-effective than initially thought!

The Experience of the Instructor

Here at Abyss, we recognize the critical need for experienced and well-trained instructors when it comes to our PADI Open Water Course. That's why all our instructors have obtained their Master Scuba Trainer certification through a strict process of certifying at least twenty-five divers with five or more speciality instructor certifications. We understand how essential the basics are in forming a solid foundation as an avid diver and strive to ensure that each student receives quality training during this important phase.


If you're wondering "How much does it cost to learn to dive?" the answer depends on factors like if the dive course is PADI, how many students are in each class and how experienced instructors are. At Abyss we offer small classes of up to four people with quality equipment taught by Master Scuba Trainers using PADI eLearning for a starting rate of $599! For those looking for an even more personalized experience, our Individual Private Course starts at just $1,499. We hope you will let us help you become a certified diver.


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