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Do You Need To Be Able To Snorkel Before Learning How To Dive?


Do You Need to be Able to Snorkel Before Learning How to Dive?

Many people ask the question, " Do you need to be able to snorkel before learning how to dive”?
The simple answer is no.

You do not need to be able to snorkel to learn how to scuba dive, but you do need to be able to swim two hundred metres or snorkel three hundred metres to pass your Open Water scuba course. Snorkelling is a fantastic way to get comfortable in the water and improve your breathing technique, both of which are important when learning to dive. Not only that, but it is also a fun activity that you can do with friends.

During your scuba diving course, you will learn how to snorkel and how to skin dive. A snorkel is an integral part of a scuba diver's basic equipment and should be used by all recreational scuba divers. Once you are a certified scuba diver then you will use your snorkel for several reasons:

  • If you are shore diving, and have an extended swim from the entry point, using the snorkel ensures that you will not waste air from the tank, and makes the swim more comfortable.
  • If you are swimming at the surface or waiting for a boat pickup in rough conditions, a snorkel is useful. Without one, you could empty your tank in the water just to stay comfortable at the surface, leaving you without air in your tank when you need it for your exit.
  • If you are looking for a quick way of assessing visibility before going underwater, the easiest method of doing so is with a mask and snorkel.
  • While having an active role in towing a diver through the water, a snorkel will also prove useful during surface-swim positions. At the same time, a snorkel will allow a stressed diver to breathe easily in choppy waters.