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Best Time Of Year To Learn To Scuba Dive In Sydney


Best Time of Year to Learn to Scuba Dive in Sydney

If you live in Sydney, or you are planning to visit and want to learn to scuba dive, you might be wondering the best time of the year to learn to dive.

The answer is that you can learn to dive in Sydney all year around, but there are some specific times of the year when the water is at its clearest and calmest – so it makes learning to scuba diving a lot easier.

In Sydney, divers are incredibly lucky to have great diving all year around. However, during the months of July and September, we get some of the best diving with the flattest seas and the greatest visibility. During the period both the giant cuttlefish and Port Jackson sharks come into the area to mate. The westerly winds at that time of the year bring nice flat conditions allowing access to many of the sites that cannot be dived at other periods of the year. So, if you are thinking of learning dive in Sydney, these are the best months to do so.

For anyone who is not a diver, water temperatures of scuba diving in Sydney during the colder months are cause for concern, but by providing you wear the appropriate thermal protection then scuba diving in Sydney is a year-round activity.