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Why A Snorkelling Set Is The Perfect Gift For An 8 Year Old’s Birthday


Why a Snorkelling Set is the Perfect Gift for an 8 Year Old’s Birthday

An 8th Birthday is an exciting time to give a snorkelling set to a boy or girl, right? Whether it is their first time, or they have already been snorkelling, a snorkelling set is a gift that will not disappoint.

We here at Abyss Scuba Diving encourage families with children to go snorkelling because it is not only fun, but also educational. There are so many interesting things underwater that can be found if you snorkel, and you can even find things that you would never be able to see with the naked eye.

A snorkelling set will bring a world of excitement for your child and will teach them about the world around us.

Here are five reasons why a superior quality snorkelling set is a great 8-year birthday present:

  1. Snorkelling Encourages Kids to Enjoy the Great Outdoors
    Currently, when smart phones and iPads are a significant part of the family, it is extremely important to encourage as much time outdoors as possible. Most kids love their electronic devices, but balance is crucial in all areas of life and a snorkelling set is a wonderful way to get them outside, exploring and enjoying the natural world.

  2.  Snorkelling is a Family Activity
    Snorkelling is a fantastic way to spend time together as a family and it is also a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn more about the world around them. A snorkelling set is the perfect gift for a child who is turning 8 because it will bring them hours of enjoyment and discovery.

    With our range of snorkelling equipment we can provide each family member the opportunity to be part of an underwater experience, exploring an underwater world, complete with marine life, blue gropers, sponge gardens and the stunning sight of an ocean that never truly ends.

  3. Snorkelling Teaches Kids About Marine Life and The Environment
    Kids will never get a classroom lesson that compares to the extraordinary opportunity to learn and interact with marine life. With a front row seat in the ocean, children see marine life up close while they snorkel. The love of the ocean they develop at an early age will stay with them for a lifetime, as they progress to scuba diving and become ambassadors for the ocean.
  4. Snorkelling Is a Healthy Sport for A Kid 8 Years Old.
    Encouraging a healthy active lifestyle is not a choice you should ever deny your children. Snorkelling is a healthy activity for 8-year-olds, it helps strengthen heart muscle and increase blood circulation, which is important to cardiovascular health, and it has been shown to lower your chances of high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  5. Snorkelling helps to improve swimming abilities in children
    Snorkelling will help to develop and strengthen the same muscles that children use with swimming. The snorkel and masks take away the worry of not being able to breathe and redirect that energy into a boost in water awareness. Instead of worrying about when they will take their next breath, their mind switches to concentrating on maintaining their body evenly positioned, kicks consistent, and head aligned with their body, which all leads to a much better swimmer.

A snorkelling set is an exquisite gift for a child turning eight. It opens a whole new world of adventures and exploration. Snorkelling sets are inexpensive, and they offer hours of fun and excitement for your child. Sydney's number one source for all things diving, Abyss Scuba Diving has a good range of snorkelling sets, and their dive professionals can give you all the advice you need to get your child started.

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