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How To Find A Dive Buddy


How to Find a Dive Buddy

As the most reputable scuba diving school in Sydney, we always try and make our divers happy! It is this ethos that often leads to people asking for advice about how to find a scuba dive buddy to dive with in Sydney. This can be a daunting prospect for many people but it amazingly easy and the answer is simple.

Come Diving and Meet a Dive Buddy!

A terrific way to meet a new dive buddy is come for a dive at Abyss Scuba Diving. 

We are a social bunch here at Abyss Scuba Diving and love nothing more than meeting new people who are interested in exploring the underwater world. Our dive centre is based in Sydney but we have divers of all ages and abilities who come from all over to join us on our diving adventures.

If you come for a dive with us, you can be sure that you will meet plenty of other scuba enthusiasts who would be more than happy to buddy up with you on future dives. We often organise group dives so that everyone can get to know each other better and we always encourage people to ask questions and share their experience with others.

So, if you are struggling to find a dive buddy in Sydney, the best thing to do is come along for a dive with us at Abyss Scuba Diving. We guarantee that you will leave our dive centre feeling like part of the family!

Diving is about meeting people, going places, and having underwater adventures. At Abyss Scuba Diving, we provide you the opportunity to make new buddy with individuals who are just as passion driven as you, enthusiastic about diving:

Meet a Dive Buddy on Our Shore Dives

When you're certified to dive, you'll be able to join the Free divemaster guided shore dives. If you don't have a buddy, we will arrange for you to find one and will then give you a detailed brief. You can then choose to follow the divemaster for the dive or if your buddy group feels confident, you can dive as a separate buddy pair, with the divemaster making sure you are safe at entry and exit.

One of the best ways to meet other divers is during a surface interval. We'll be serving a hot cup of soup before your next dive, so you'll have a chance to chat with fellow divers and may even make a connection with those looking for a dive buddy.

Meet a Dive Buddy on Our Boat Dives

Like our shore dives, our boat dives are a terrific way to meet a new buddy. On these dives, we will buddy you up with another diver of similar ability and after your detailed briefing, you can either be guided by our divemaster or explore your site as a buddy pair.

Meet a Dive Buddy on Our Dives Trips

Diving is a fantastic way to meet new people and make friendships that will last forever. Abyss Scuba Diving offers regular dive trips both locally and around the Pacific which is an excellent way to meet a new dive buddy. On your next scuba diving trip, you may not have a buddy, but we will buddy you up with another diver who has similar interests. During these trips you will make some amazing memories with your buddy and build relationships which will last forever.

When you return home from a dive trip, you'll always have great memories to look back on and a true friend that understands your passion for diving. So, if you're looking for a new dive buddy to explore the underwater world with, don't hesitate to reach out to someone you met on a dive trip - chances are they feel exactly the same way!

Meet a Buddy During Sunday Pizza & Beer

Dive shop Abyss now offers FREE Beer and Pizza at the dive spot after the regular Sunday dives at 3:00 pm. This social activity includes free beer and pizza at the table at the front of the shop while you sit down with your buddy, fill out your logbook and plan your next adventure. Our Pizza and beer sessions are a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship even further with your new diving partner and, at the same time, organize your next dive together.

New Buddy on your Advanced Open Water Course

On your Advanced Open Water Course, you'll have the opportunity to make a new buddy. This is someone who you'll be paired with during your dives. And we believe that this is a terrific opportunity to meet new people and create lasting friendships.

We think that making a new dive buddy on your Advanced Open Water Course is a terrific way to meet new people and learn more about diving. You'll be able to share your experiences with each other and form a bond that will last long after the course is over.

Diving is more about people than about blowing bubbles. A dive buddies can become great friends for life because you share so many common interests. You both love the ocean, spending time together in tropical locations and enjoying the unique

It's always great to have a good friend by your side, especially when you're exploring the underwater world. Dive buddies are special friends because they share your passion for diving and understand your need to get away from it all and just enjoy some peace and quite underwater.


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