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Dive Club Sydney

Diving is a social activity that involves more time spent above the water. In Sydney, there are several dive clubs divers can join, such as those affiliated with dive shops or independent clubs.

To get the most out of your scuba diving, it is a great idea to join a dive club. As a club member, you are much more likely to take your diving to a higher level, and new members are much more likely to continue diving.

Abyss Diving Club is the most active dive club in Sydney, and St. George Scuba Club is the largest independent dive club in New South Wales!

Why Join a Dive Club

Maybe you want to join a dive group because you just learned how, or perhaps your friends are busy. If that's the case, joining a local dive club is perfect for meeting similar people. You will get to know divers in your community and learn from them, join them for some local diving as well as plan future diving trips together. And likely, over time, make some great friends too.

Pizza and beer after a dive

St George Scuba Club

St George Scuba Club is a dive club in Sydney that is independent and has no ties to any commercial dive operation.

St George is known for being the friendliest and most active dive club, handling everything from diving trips around New South Wales all the way to other parts of Australia and even overseas. No matter your level of experience - whether you're just starting out or already an experienced diver - St George Scuba Club welcomes everyone!

Abyss Dive Club

The Abyss Diving Club is the most active Dive Club in Sydney! The dive club has frequent diving activities and social events like beer and pizza after each Sunday free guided shore dives.

There are frequent dive activities such as the annual treasure hunt, and you don't just become a member of the 'Abyss Family' but also get many other people. Scuba equipment purchased in the shop, rental, and air fills are all cheaper for club members.

Frog Dive Club

For people who live north of Sydney, the Frog Dive Club is one of the best alternatives. The Frog Dive Club is a fantastic way to get involved with your diving and meet new individuals that share your interests! Members of the Frog Club may attend our free weekly shore dive and enjoy discounted rates for Frog Dive Events. Cheaper tank fills are available to members of the Frog Club.

PADI Dive Club

The PADI dive clubs frequently provide outstanding discounts to their members. The PADI club links divers from all around the world. There are reductions on diving courses, equipment, and dive trips for members of the PADI club.

Free Guided Shore Dives

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