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Guidelines For Scuba Gear Hire In Sydney


Guidelines for Scuba Gear Hire in Sydney

Scuba diving is a fantastic way to explore the underwater world, and whether you're a new diver or an experienced diver, there are many reasons to consider dive gear hire in Sydney. Here are some guidelines as well as pros, cons and suggestions for both new and experienced divers to help you navigate your way around the dive centre in terms of dive equipment hire and what is best to buy or hire!


New Divers

If have just completed your open water course, it's important to remember that you have to start somewhere! It's recommended that you get your feet wet (literally!) by hiring gear before you invest in buying all your own gear. This way, you can decide if scuba diving is for you without spending a lot of money on gear that you might not use again. When hiring gear, be sure to ask about package deals which often include cheaper rates for new divers.

New Diver

Pros of Gear Rental: A pro of hire gear for new to diving is that it's a great way to test out different types of equipment before you buy your own. This way, you can find out what kind of gear suits your needs and preferences before making an investment.

Cons of Gear Rental: One con of gear hire for new divers is that it can sometimes be difficult to find the gear that fits properly. This is because everyone is built differently and what fits one person might not fit another. If you're hiring gear, be sure to ask the staff for help in finding something that fits well and looks good on you!

Suggestions: When hiring scuba gear as a newly diver, we suggest trying out a few different setups to see what works best for you. It's also a good idea to ask the dive centre staff lots of questions so that you can learn as much as possible about the sport of diving. Remember, there are no stupid questions when it comes to diving!


Experienced Divers

Experienced divers often have a good idea of what kind of gear they like and don't like. However, even experienced divers can benefit from hire gear on occasion - especially if they're planning on going on a diving trip where they can't take their full kit.

Experienced diver on Boat Dive

Pros of Gear Rental: A pro of scuba hire for experienced drivers is that it allows them the flexibility to dive without having to lug around their heavy dive kit. This is especially useful for over sea dives where taking your own dive kit isn't practical.

Cons of Gear Rental: When you're diving with your own dive gear, you get familiar with it and know exactly where everything is, which increases safety. The second problem is that the hygiene and fit of rental equipment may not be as good as your own personnel equipment.

Suggestions: For experienced drivers who are hiring dive gear, we recommend calling ahead or visiting the website before heading down to pick up your kit. This way, you can ensure that they have the kind of quality gear that you're looking for. We also recommend asking lots of questions so that you know exactly what kind of service they provide and what kind of equipment they have available.

Must I be a certified diver to rent scuba diving equipment?

Yes, in Australia, you need to be a certified diver in order to rent scuba diving equipment. Proof of certification is required, and it is the responsibility of the person hiring the equipment to provide this. If you are PADI or SSI certified, then it is relatively easy for the dive centre to check your certification online. However, most of the smaller certifying agencies do not offer this service.

What dive gear to rent and what to buy?

The issue of dive gear rental, rather than buying, is more complex than simply how seasoned a diver you are; the answer also determines which piece of diving equipment we're talking about and how often you intend to go diving.

Should I buy or rent snorkelling gear?

Having your own snorkelling equipment is critical for anybody who wants to get the most out of scuba diving. When we refer to snorkelling equipment for Sydneys, we refer to a mask, snorkel, boots fins and gloves. Having comfortable, correctly fitting, and clean gear is essential for a good diving experience. It's preferable to buy your equipment early in a PADI dive course so you may get more usage out of it. Even if you aren't scuba diving, your own masks, snorkels, and fins can also be utilized for a variety of other water activities. All levels of divers should strive to have their own personal snorkelling gear.

snorkelling gear

Should I buy or rent a diving suit?

The most vital component of diving is having a good time. You will not enjoy the experience unless your wetsuit is warm and comfy, and the fit of your wetsuit is critical to that enjoyment. When diving in the temperate waters around Sydney. the purchase of good quality, well-fitting wetsuits comes in second place among your dive equipment purchases after purchasing a snorkelling suit. I recommend buying a wetsuit soon after certification so you don't have to rent.

 wetsuit -fit and comfort is important for sydney dive sites

Should I buy or rent scuba diving gear?

BCD, regulators, and dive computer make up your scuba gear. You become familiar with your own scuba equipment after using it for a while; you know exactly where everything is, which enhances safety. However, before purchasing this equipment, it's advisable to test out a variety of different equipment options with the dive centre to see what works best for you.

Buy a gear rental card from us at Abyss Scuba diving, and get 10 or 20 days of diving in advance. This is the best way to try out different types of equipment to see what works best for your body before making a purchase. If you don't plan on diving monthly, then it doesn't make sense economically to buy your own scuba gear.

Should I buy or rent a scuba tank?

While owning your own scuba tanks may have its benefits, there are also several drawbacks you should be aware of before making a purchase. Most notably, the cost of air fill and annual tank hydro testing can add up quickly, unless you are plan to diving on a weekly basis. Additionally, as your diving style changes over time, so will the size of your required tanks, which could create difficulties in the future.

Of course, the convenience of operating your own tank is always an added incentive; especially if you live near a dive site and may want to go diving in it when it suits you - in which case purchasing a tank might be more advantageous than renting and then returning after each usage.

 However, it's usually best practice (and cheaper in the long run) to rent rather than buy your dive tanks.

Should I buy or rent my weight?

Weight belts are a thing of the past but you will need weights for your weight-integrated BCD. If and when you buy a BCD, then it's time to buy your weights.

Tips for renting gear from a dive centre

  1. Order your rental hire gear well ahead to ensure that the dive centre has ample scuba diving gear to meet your needs. Most of the better dive centres will have online facilities to order your rental dive equipment.
  2. Give the dive centre all your details so they need to get the best fit for you. If you have not dived with them previously then as a minimum they will need your height, weight and shoe size.
  3. Arrive at the dive centre with ample time to sign the rental agreement and make sure the gear fits. it is too late to make changes when you are out at one of the dive sites on the dive boat.
  4. Before you head out on your diving adventure, make sure you know how to use all the dive equipment you're renting. If you're not sure about something, ask a member of staff at the dive centre for help.

Dive Gear Rental at Abyss Scuba Diving

At Abyss Scuba Diving we have a full range of rental dive gear. We have most dive gear needed to dive Sydney with the exception of gloves and SMB available for rent. Our rental equipment includes

  • Mask and Snorkel
  • Open-heeled fins and boots
  • Wetsuits
  • BCD
  • Regulators
  • Dive Computer
  • Weights and weight belt
  • Scooters
  • Drysuits

 Scuba Gear


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