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10 Stunning Shore Free Diving Spots to Explore in Sydney

Sydney is a free diver's paradise, with many beautiful and exciting shore diving spots. From the underwater nature trail at Gordons Bay to the friendly Gus at Oak Park, there's something for every level of diver. However, in addition to these stunning shore dives, several excellent boat diving options are available, which can give the freediver much greater depth and access to exciting dives like Magic Point's grey nurse sharks and Martin Island's playful seals.

This article will take you on a journey through Sydney's top 10 shore freediving spots. These sites will take your breath away with stunning underwater terrain, abundant marine life, and crystal-clear waters. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, grab your gear, hit the water, and get ready to explore the fantastic underwater world of Sydney.

1. Gordons Bay, Clovelly

Located between Clovelly and Coogee in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Gordons Bay is a sheltered cove well-known for its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life. The underwater nature trail is a must-see, featuring a chain that guides divers through the rocky underwater terrain. Entry to the water is easy from a concerted path leading directly into the northern side of the bay.

Maximum Depth: 10 meters

2. Camp Cove, Watsons Bay

Camp Cove in Watsons Bay, a short drive from central Sydney, is an ideal free diving spot. The cove's sheltered nature protects it from strong winds and currents. Although visibility might be inferior to open ocean locations, it's still excellent. Boat traffic can be a potential concern, especially during summer, but divers can still explore the cove's stunning surroundings, marine life, and shallow waters.

Maximum Depth: 8 meters

Camp Cove, a shrt drive from central Sydney

3. Shelley Beach, Manly

Shelley Beach is located in the northern suburb of Manly and is a popular spot for free diving and snorkelling. The beach is surrounded by rocky outcrops and features evident, calm waters perfect for exploring the abundant marine life. Divers can expect to see a variety of fish, including colourful schools of bream and luderick.

Maximum Depth: 10 meters

4. Oak Park, Cronulla

Oak Park is a beautiful beach located in the southern suburb of Cronulla. The beach is well-known for its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life, including the friendly and curious Gus, the blue groper. Divers can expect to see moray eels, bream, wrasse, colourful sponge gardens and rocky outcrops.

Maximum Depth: 10 meters

Freediving at Oak Park

5. Bushrangers Bay, Bass Point Reserve

Bushrangers Bay is a stunning location just south of Wollongong, known for its clear waters and abundant marine life. One of the most exciting features of this site is the impressive aggregation of grey nurse sharks that can often be seen during a freedive. These gentle giants are one of the world's most endangered shark species, making a sighting even more special.

Maximum Depth: 12 meters

Free diving with the grey nurse at Bushrangers Bay

6. The Sutherland, Point Kurnell

Sutherland Point is located in the southern suburb of Kurnell and is a popular spot for free diving and snorkelling. The area is home to abundant marine life, including blue groper, cuttlefish, and schools of yellowtails. The site is also famous for its underwater swim-throughs, and for those freedivers that enjoy marine life, then The Sutherland Point is a favourite.

Maximum Depth: 12 meters

7. Little Bay Beach, Little Bay

Little Bay Beach is a small, secluded beach in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Rocky outcrops surround the beach and feature clear, calm waters perfect for exploring abundant marine life. Divers can expect to see a variety of fish, including bream, luderick, and yellowtail. To get any depth, the divers need to go outside the bay. A significant challenge of the site is to see which freediver can collect the most golf balls.

Maximum Depth: 10 meters

8. Bare Island, La Perouse

Bare Island is a small island in La Perouse, home to a popular diving spot. The area is known for its abundant marine life, including colourful fish, octopus, and cuttlefish. Divers can explore the diverse underwater terrain, including caves, swim-throughs, and drop-offs. The island's eastern side is best for the most transparent and stillest water, although you are limited to a maximum depth of 12 m.

Maximum Depth: 18 meters

9. Shiprock Dive Site, Port Hacking

Shiprock Dive Site is located in Port Hacking, just south of Sydney. The area is known for its 18m wall covered in soft corals and abundant marine life, including large schools of fish, sharks, and rays. It's essential to be aware of boat traffic in the area and always to display a dive flag, which is a legal requirement. The site is best dived on a slack high tide as it can be subject to strong tidal currents.

Maximum Depth: 18 meters

10. Lilli Pilli Baths, Lilli Pilli

Lilli Pilli is a highly sought-after location for free diving, especially for line work. Divers can reach depths of over 20m without being affected by rough seas, making exploring within the Port Hacking River ideal. While visibility and water temperature are less favourable than the open ocean, it offers a unique experience. Yet, freedivers may find the water's temperature challenging during winter.

Maximum Depth: 20 meters

 Ine diving at Lilli Pilli

While the shore dives in Sydney are stunning, numerous boat dives are equally exhilarating. These options enable freedivers to explore deeper waters and access once-in-a-lifetime dives with grey nurse sharks at Magic Point and playful seals at Martin Island. Whether you prefer diving from the shore or a boat, following safe diving practices and always having a dive buddy is essential.

When it comes to diving, safety is the top priority. Check the conditions, use appropriate equipment such as a wetsuit, fins, a mask and a weight belt, and only venture to dive sites that match your experience and certification level. Additionally, it's essential to respect the underwater environment of these diving spots. Show sensitivity to marine habitats and creatures, refraining from touching or disturbing wildlife and leaving shells or other marine life in the ocean.

Sydney is a perfect destination for free diving enthusiasts with its fantastic shore and boat diving sites. The colourfully diverse fish, stunning coral reefs here, and the vast grey nurse shark aggregations all guarantee that there is always something fresh and breathtaking to discover. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gear and head underwater to explore Sydney's stunning underwater world, whether from the shore or a boat!

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