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Expert Advice
Our Dive Travel Experts are Master Instructors with many years of experience travelling the world. Their extensive knowledge is backed by the resources of PADI Travel.

Our staff want to help you plan and book your next trip. Don`t hesitate to chat with us or give us a call.

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Our partnership with PADI Travel enables you to research and book your next scuba diving Holiday from the biggest selection on earth: over 400 dive resorts and 300 liveaboards in 40 countries.

Best price guarantee
Found the same trip cheaper elsewhere? PADI Travel will match the price and give you a USD 50 voucher. No-fuss, no complicated fine print.

No Hidden Fees
No booking fees, no credit card fees and full transparency into all potential fees and surcharges payable onboard.

Free DAN Dive Insurance
PADI Travel has partnered with DAN - Divers Alert Network - to offer you free dive accident insurance for the duration of your trip (valid for bookings with a value of >USD 1,500 per person)

Free Rental of Nautilus Lifeline For Liveaboard Holidays
For those divers who book their liveaboard from this page or have one of Instructors help them with the process, then that diver will receive, free rental of a Nautilus Lifeline (EPIRB) for the duration liveaboard trip.  (valid for bookings with a value of >USD 1,000 per person)

Free Pre Trip Dive Gear Inspection
For those divers who book their dive holiday from this page or have one of Instructors help them with the process, then that diver will receive, a free scuba gear inspection prior to the trip to ensure their gear is in A1 condition for your Diving holiday.

Liveaboards provide scuba facilities and living accommodations for divers. The boat becomes your home, and you eat, sleep and dive on it! Liveaboards stay at sea for the duration of the tour and therefore can explore more remote sites. This type of diving opens up a whole new world of top-class scuba vacations that would not be available on regular day trip boats.

Best Destinations For Liveaboards

Group trips are a lot of fun but the timing is set so they do not suit everyone. Some dive holidays are too remote destinations and there is nothing better than having your own tour guide there with you sorting out any issues along the way. When travelling as a group the operator will do a little extra to please the group like throwing in shore dives or a new year beach bbq. Divers like hanging with other divers, sharing their photos and learning from each other. Abyss group departures are all run under the guidance of an experienced instructor, so you will have plenty of help in and out of the water.

The problem is that some times the date or locations do not suit you. So there is always an option to get expert dive travel to advise and book a trip to a different destination or on a different schedule to our group trips.

Dive, eat, dive, eat, sleep dive... if this is your kind of a trip go the liveaboard options. You do not have to do that many dives but they are available for you to do and super easy as no caring your gear or long swims, just jumping off the back of the boat. They do look a little more expensive but generally when you work out the number of dives you are getting and add the cost of the food they do work out to be great value for money. They allow for getting into a more remote location in the middle of nowhere.

While the liveaboard options are great some divers just do not want to be stuck on a boat or even dive every day. If this is the case then go for a land-based operation. You can save a bit of money by reducing the dives number on your trip and see a bit more of the destinations above the water.

The Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the breathtaking beauty of the world’s largest coral reef. The reef contains an abundance of marine life and comprises of over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays and hundreds of picturesque tropical islands with some of the worlds most beautiful sun-soaked, golden beaches. Because of its natural beauty, the Great Barrier Reef has become one of the worlds most sought after tourist destinations.

The Great Barrier Reef remains a vibrant, beautiful ecosystem of immense value to Australians and the world and continues to attract millions of visitors each year. However, like other coral reefs globally, the Reef is under pressure from climate change and other threats.

To get the best diving on the reef, it is recommended to go out on a liveaboard and dive in areas which have not been damaged by a large number of divers on the day boat,

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When booking a Dive Resort or Liveaboard holiday, PADI Travel will double check availability with the dive operator and reserve your spot. If there are any issues, we get back to you within 24 hours.

If all is good, PADI Travel will send you an e-mail confirming that your booking is final. At that point you then have 24 hours to take care of other travel arrangements. Your credit card will only be charged after that 24 hour period.

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