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Why You Should Enroll In An Avelo Dive Course


Simply Better Scuba with Avelo: Why You Should Enroll in an Avelo Dive Course

As an avid scuba diving enthusiast, you're always seeking ways to enhance your underwater adventures. Today, we'll explore a game-changing innovation in the diving world that deserves your time and investment: the Recreational Avelo Diver course. You might be wondering, "Why should I choose to dive with Avelo, considering its limited availability?" Let's delve into the compelling reasons.

What is Avelo?

Avelo is not just an improvement to scuba diving; it is a complete transformation of the sport. Since the introduction of the buoyancy control device (BCD) in the 1960s, the fundamental aspects of scuba diving have remained relatively unchanged. However, Avelo is here to challenge the status quo and redefine what scuba diving means.

With its groundbreaking design and innovative features, Avelo offers an unparalleled diving experience. Gone are the days of heavy scuba gear, bulky BCDs, and restricted underwater movements. Avelo introduces a lightweight tank and inner bladder that provide unmatched freedom and flexibility. The comfort level is elevated, making each dive an extraordinary adventure.

Checking the Avelo Mode on a Scubapro G2

In the realm of scuba diving, Avelo's innovation is not limited to hardware advancements. The revolution it brings extends to software, reshaping the way dive computers assist divers. Notably, both Shearwater and ScubaPro, industry leaders in dive computer technology, have announced the introduction of an Avelo Mode on their dive computers. This unique mode, powered by Avelo's proprietary technology, will provide divers with real-time insights and guidance on key diving metrics. The Avelo Modes will enable divers to refine their buoyancy control, optimise air consumption, and improve their Surface Air Consumption (SAC) rates. These significant upgrades are a testament to the transformative power of Avelo technology, redefining not just the physical aspects of diving but also the digital experience, thus setting a new standard in the sport.

The impact of Avelo on scuba diving cannot be overstated. Its advancements in buoyancy control and gear design set new standards for the industry. Avelo is set to revolutionize scuba diving to such an extent that the sport as we know it today will be unrecognizable in just five years. It will become a whole new world of diving possibilities where exploration knows no bounds.

Get ready to embrace the future of scuba diving with Avelo. It's not just an improvement; it's a game-changer that will redefine the sport for generations to come.

A Recreationa Avelo Diver with constant neutral buoyancy

Benefits of Enrolling in an Avelo Dive Course

Enrolling in an Avelo Dive Course comes with a host of benefits. For starters, it offers an accelerated learning curve. You'll quickly get the hang of the innovative Avelo system thanks to the expert guidance of experienced instructors. Not only will you learn how to use the system effectively and safely, but you'll also see a noticeable improvement in your diving skills.

Avelo allows for neutral buoyancy throughout your dive. This means you don't have to worry about constant adjustments while underwater. With Avelo, you can focus on the beauty around you instead of fiddling with your gear.

Moreover, Avelo enhances air consumption, leading to longer dives, reduced workload and increased underwater exploration. Who wouldn't want more time to marvel at the wonders of the deep sea?

A Recreationa Diver Certification Course about to enter the water

Why Learn Avelo?

Avelo is currently available in limited locations. But enrolling in an Avelo Dive Course is like investing in your future diving adventures. As Avelo expands, you'll be one step ahead, ready to explore new underwater worlds with the best scuba system out there.

Learning Avelo isn't just about using new gear; it's about experiencing the pinnacle of diving technology today. It's about getting yourself ready for the future of scuba diving.

Right now, you can rent Avelo equipment exclusively from Avelo Dive Centres, making your diving experiences super easy and convenient. But here's the exciting part: soon, these Dive Centres will start taking names for a waitlist to buy your own Avelo units when they become available. And guess what? This opportunity is exclusively for certified Avelo divers. So, if owning the latest diving technology is on your wish list, make sure you secure your spot on the list. That's just how committed Avelo is to bringing revolutionary change to diving experiences and making it accessible for passionate divers like you!

 Diving the Avelo Dive System

Where Can You Find Avelo?

Avelo has already established its presence in some of the world's most breathtaking diving sites, such as Hawaii, Bonaire, Catalina, and Sydney. Picture yourself exploring these awe-inspiring underwater landscapes with the unparalleled comfort and control that Avelo offers. Furthermore, by 2024, our goal is to have Avelo Dive Centres operating in all the prominent dive destinations across Australia, followed by expansion into the Pacific in 2025. This expansion plan runs in parallel with a commitment to dive destinations worldwide.

How to Become Avelo Certified?

Achieving Avelo certification is a breeze with our comprehensive Avelo Dive Course. By enrolling, you'll gain access to top-notch online training and hands-on instruction from experienced instructors. They'll be there to support you every step of the way, ensuring you master the Avelo system with confidence and safety. Typically spanning 1 or 2 days, our in-water training is designed to give you the skills you need to gain the most fro the Avelo dive system.

Dive into the Future with Avelo

So, why wait? Dive into the future of scuba with Avelo. Embrace this opportunity to enhance your diving skills, enjoy longer dives, and prepare for a whole new world of underwater exploration. Avelo might just be the best thing to happen to your diving adventures. Enrol in an Avelo Dive Course today, and let's make waves together!

Avelo divers excited about the future of scuba diving

Frequently Asked Questions about Avelo Dive Course

What is the Avelo Scuba System?

The Avelo Scuba System is a revolutionary diving system that offers an improved scuba diving experience. It's lighter, more comfortable, and eliminates the need for a bulky buoyancy control device (BCD). Instead, Avelo replaces it with a lightweight tank and an inner bladder, offering a whole new world of diving possibilities.

How does the Avelo Dive System enhance buoyancy control?

The Avelo Dive System seamlessly incorporates buoyancy control into the Hydrotank, eliminating the requirement for a separate Buoyancy compensator. This innovative integration enables divers to effortlessly maintain stable neutral buoyancy, granting them enhanced control and unparalleled freedom in the underwater realm.

What makes the Avelo Dive System lighter than conventional scuba gear?

Conventional scuba gear can be cumbersome, with its multiple components like the buoyancy compensation device (BCD), tank, regulator, and weights. However, the Avelo System revolutionizes this by seamlessly integrating buoyancy control into the Hydrotank. This innovative design not only enhances ease of handling but also reduces the overall weight. In fact, when considering the additional lead weight, the entire Avelo System is approximately 9-14 kg lighter than conventional scuba gear.

How does the Avelo Dive System extend dive time?

The Avelo Dive System presents a remarkable capability of maintaining stable neutral buoyancy, significantly alleviating the burden on a diver's respiratory system and consequently reducing air consumption. Furthermore, the integration of buoyancy control eliminates the need for a BCD, enhancing hydrodynamic efficiency and extending dive duration.

What equipment is needed for the Avelo Dive Course?

Please ensure you bring your mask, snorkel, fins, boots, and wetsuit for the course. The Avelo Dive Centre will provide all the necessary Avelo equipment, including the Avelo jet pack, Hydrotank, DIN Regulator, and computer/SPG.

What are the benefits of Scuba Diving with Avelo?

Avelo offers an accelerated learning curve, improved buoyancy, reduced air consumption, and optimal workload, allowing you to focus on the beauty around you instead of fiddling with your gear. Moreover, the Avelo Mode on Dive Computers provides post-dive analysis, helping divers evaluate their performance and fast-track their skill development over successive dives.

What safety procedures does Avelo follow?

Safety is a top priority for Avelo. All Avelo Dive Courses are led by experienced instructors who provide comprehensive safety training. Plus, the Avelo system itself is designed with safety in mind, featuring intuitive controls and a design that enhances buoyancy and reduces diver workload.

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