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Top Benefits Of The Advanced Diver Course – Elevate Your Underwater Skills


Top Benefits of the Advanced Diver Course – Elevate Your Underwater Skills

Imagine exploring the fascinating underwater world, gliding effortlessly among vibrant coral reefs, and swimming alongside diverse marine life. Now, imagine doing all this with increased ease and confidence, courtesy of the Avelo Dive System, a revolutionary addition to the diving industry. This blog post will take you on a journey from open water to an advanced diver course, discussing traditional training, the benefits of Avelo, real-life experiences, and resources for those interested in this innovative system.

Key Takeaways

  • The Advanced Open Water Diver course deepens diving skills and knowledge, allowing one to achieve depths of 30m confidently and safely with specialized equipment and a range of specific dives like navigation and deep diving.

  • The Avelo Dive System offers an innovative approach to scuba diving, enhancing buoyancy control and reducing air consumption with new technology, such as a lightweight tank and real-time metrics for improved underwater experiences.

  • Avelo’s training program and dive system prioritize safety and improved diving technique, leading to accelerated learning, better buoyancy control, and a more pleasurable diving experience with less effort and longer bottom times.

The Journey from Open Water to Advanced Diver

Open water diver exploring the underwater world

Transitioning from open water to an advanced diver is an exciting journey, brimming with learning opportunities, exploration, and skill refinement. As part of this transformative journey, divers aim to achieve the advanced open water diver status, a highly respected qualification that equips divers with the skills and knowledge to navigate deeper and more challenging waters. The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver program, in particular, offers valuable diving experiences at some of Sydney’s best dive sites, immersing divers in varied underwater environments and enhancing their diving competencies.

Achieving the Advanced Open Water course is a notable achievement in a diver’s career, as it signifies the capability to dive up to a depth of 30 meters. This certification opens up a world of deeper dives and exciting experiences, all of which can be pursued at a competitive price, especially when bundled with beneficial packages like the Enriched Air Diver Course, offering significant savings.

Traditional Pathway

Under the conventional pathway, divers begin their journey with an open water certification, where they acquire fundamental knowledge and  scuba skills. After this, they progress to the PADI Advanced Open Water course, which includes deep diver training and the opportunity to experience diverse diving scenarios. Divers need to meet certain prerequisites to attain advanced open-water diver status. These prerequisites include a minimum age of 12, holding a PADI Open Water certification or equivalent, demonstrating proficient swimming abilities, and maintaining good physical fitness. This ensures that divers are prepared for a variety of dive site conditions.

Advanced open water diver courses aim to refine diving skills, focusing on underwater navigation and various diving conditions. Divers are trained to navigate underwater with increased confidence and scuba skill, thus preparing them for more challenging dives. The typical equipment utilized in advanced open-water diving includes:

  • Scuba Tank

  • Regulator

  • Diving Mask

  • Wetsuit or Drysuit

  • Fins

  • Buoyancy Control Device

Avelo Dive System Introduction

Departing from traditional methods, the Avelo Dive System introduces a novel approach to scuba diving. This innovative system features a lightweight tank and inner bladder that provide unmatched freedom and flexibility underwater. It’s a comprehensive overhaul of the conventional scuba  experience expected to transform the landscape of diving significantly within the next five years.

The Avelo system introduces unique features to diving, including a distinctive mode on dive computers that provides real-time insights on essential diving metrics. This aids in enhancing buoyancy control and managing air consumption, leading to improved diving experiences. Enrolling in an Avelo Dive Course offers an accelerated learning curve, better buoyancy control, decreased air consumption, and more time spent exploring underwater. It’s a worthy investment for divers as the Avelo system continues to expand.

Avelo Dive System: Revolutionizing Scuba Diving

Avelo Dive System revolutionizing scuba diving

The Avelo Dive System is transforming the realm of scuba by introducing substantial advancements to the sport. The system’s key features, such as improved buoyancy control and air consumption, have set new standards in the industry. Its distinctive Hydrotank, equipped with an integrated air bladder, transforms buoyancy control, allowing divers to easily regulate their depth and maintain neutral buoyancy.

The Avelo system enhances the diving experience by:

  • Reducing gear weight, enabling divers to move and glide through water with ease

  • Utilizing the diver’s lungs and tidal volume to enhance buoyancy control, resulting in precise navigation and a sensation akin to flying underwater

  • Enhancing air consumption efficiency by approximately 30% through the reduction of strain on the diver’s lungs and the maintenance of stable neutral buoyancy

Improved Buoyancy Control

Achieving mastery over buoyancy is vital for scuba divers. It enables them to navigate over reefs without causing disruption to the marine environment, thus contributing to the preservation of the marine ecosystem. Furthermore, it is essential for ensuring safe and effective diving, necessitating proficiency in breath control and the management of scuba equipment.

The Avelo Dive System enhances buoyancy control by eliminating the conventional air pocket and utilizing water weight to achieve optimal neutral buoyancy. This is a crucial factor in mastering buoyancy for improved underwater maneuvering. The relationship between air consumption and buoyancy control in  diving is closely intertwined.

Divers who are able to maintain neutral buoyancy tend to use air more efficiently, while those who struggle with buoyancy issues may consume more air due to inefficient movements and constant adjustments.

Benefits for Beginners

The Avelo Dive System presents a multitude of benefits for novice divers, including:

  • Ensuring consistent neutral buoyancy

  • Streamlining buoyancy control by removing the necessity for frequent adjustments, which can be challenging for individuals new to diving

  • Enhancing air consumption for beginner divers by aiding in improved buoyancy control

  • Assisting beginners in maintaining neutral buoyancy with reduced effort and improved streamlining

  • Ultimately leading to more efficient air consumption

  • Allowing divers to enjoy longer underwater explorations with decreased concern about air supply.

The Avelo Dive System enhances the comfort and confidence of beginner divers by:

  • Reducing the overall weight of the gear

  • Simplifying the setup process

  • Promoting a relaxed breathing pattern

  • Instilling confidence

This system enhances novice divers' underwater experience.

Components of the Advanced Diver Course

Underwater navigation in advanced diver course

The Advanced Diver Course plays a pivotal role in a diver’s progression, aiming to further develop diving skills through knowledge cultivation, skill refinement, and open water dives. The course encompasses a deep dive below 18m, a navigation dive, a Deep dive and three specialty dives, equipping divers with the scuba skills to navigate deeper and more complex underwater environments.

Divers in the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course have a range of specialty dive options to choose from, such as:

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy

  • Boat Dive

  • Fish Identification

  • Underwater Naturalist

  • Enriched Air Nitrox

  • Wreck Dive

  • Night Dive

  • and several others

These specialty dives, available at our dive shop, provide divers with diverse experiences and skills, enhancing their overall diving competencies by completing dives.

Navigating Underwater

Underwater navigation forms an essential part of advanced diver training. The ability to accurately navigate underwater not only enhances safety but also allows divers to explore and appreciate the underwater environment more efficiently. The Avelo Dive System aids in this endeavour, enhancing buoyancy control, which in turn improves underwater navigation as the scuba diver no longer needs to focus on buoyancy control.

The utilization of a compass is crucial for underwater navigation as it enables divers to orient themselves and effectively navigate in situations of low visibility or the absence of natural landmarks. Mastering the use of an underwater compass is one of the key skills acquired in the Advanced Diver Course, further boosting a diver’s confidence and skill set.

Deep Diving and Specialty Dives

Deep diving and specialty dives are pivotal elements of the Advanced Diver Course, encouraging divers to delve into greater depths and explore varied diving environments. The curriculum for the Deep Dive adventure dive includes instruction on the effects of pressure, the changes of colour at depth, and education about the risks of nitrogen narcosis.

The PADI Advanced Open Water course aims to achieve a depth of 30m, providing divers with the thrill and challenge of a deep dive. Furthermore, the Wreck Dive in the PADI Advanced Open Water Course aims to identify potential hazards and equip divers for safer and more enjoyable experiences on subsequent wreck dives.

Mastering Buoyancy and Air Consumption with Avelo

Mastering buoyancy and air consumption with Avelo

The Avelo Dive System proposes an innovative method to master buoyancy and air consumption, which are two crucial facets of diving. It enhances a diver’s ability to achieve perfect neutral buoyancy by eliminating the air pocket and utilizing water weight instead of traditional methods.

The Avelo course incorporates specific exercises that concentrate on refining breathing techniques, managing airway control, enhancing body awareness, and selecting appropriate fins to optimize air efficiency for achieving superior buoyancy control. Avelo’s system contributes to increased efficiency in air consumption through its integrated buoyancy control mechanism, which eliminates the need for constant adjustments and reduces air consumption by maintaining a state of perfect neutral buoyancy.

Avelo Training

The Avelo training program incorporates an online theory session that encompasses all the vital knowledge needed for diving with the Avelo System. This is followed by an in-water session with two dives to practice the skills hands-on. Divers are given a 90-day timeframe to fulfil the in-water component of their Avelo training, encompassing two practical dives.

Avelo prioritizes safety by providing dive courses led by experienced instructors and incorporating comprehensive safety training into the curriculum. Upon successful completion of the Avelo course, divers will have the opportunity to experience a variety of benefits, including:

  • Accelerated learning

  • Improved buoyancy control

  • Reduced air consumption

  • Decreased workload during dives

These benefits enable divers to have a more profound appreciation of their underwater environment.

Revised Pathway for Divers

Moving away from the conventional diving progression, the Avelo Dive System outlines a revised pathway for divers. This pathway starts with open water certification, progresses to Avelo training, and then advances to PADI Advanced Open Water. This revised pathway aims to create more confident, skilled, and enjoyable diving experiences, setting new standards in the industry.

The Avelo training course comprises of completing two dives under the guidance of an Avelo-certified instructor to acquire the necessary skills for diving with the Avelo system. This new pathway with Avelo is anticipated to offer quicker learning, a calmer and more effective diving technique, enriched diving experiences, enhanced control of buoyancy, and, ultimately, more pleasurable dives.

Real-Life Experiences with Avelo

Divers gaining confidence with Avelo system

The advantages of the Avelo Dive System extend beyond theory, as they are substantiated by practical experiences of divers. These experiences demonstrate the impressive impact of Avelo on divers’ confidence and skills. The advantages of the Avelo Dive System include:

  • Increased confidence underwater

  • Improved buoyancy control

  • Enhanced safety features

  • Easy to use and adjust

The instructors at Abyss have played a critical role in these experiences, fostering a sense of safety and comfort throughout the entire diving course.

The instructors dedicated themselves to ensuring that each student felt at ease and self-assured in the water, placing a high emphasis on safety and offering assistance. Their dedication and expertise have had a favourable influence on the reviewers’ diving experiences, fostering a positive environment and facilitating their certification as divers. Additionally, the instructors were knowledgeable and passionate about diving, providing valuable insights and tips to improve the divers’ skills.

Moreover, Avelo Dive System has been an essential aspect of the reviewers' diving journey. It offers a range of advantages that have greatly improved their overall dive experience. One of the main benefits is increased confidence underwater. With its user-friendly design and easy-to-use features, the Avelo Dive System allows users to focus on enjoying their dive without worrying about complicated equipment.

Another advantage is improved buoyancy control. The system's integrated weight system helps maintain proper balance and control while diving, making it easier for beginners to adjust their buoyancy and stay at a comfortable depth.

Improved Confidence and Skills

Training with Avelo has led divers to report the following benefits:

  • A sleek, streamlined sensation without the drag of a BCD

  • The effortless maintenance of neutral buoyancy at different depths

  • Enhanced diver confidence through a relaxed and efficient diving experience

  • Unique buoyancy control

  • A lightweight design

  • Enhanced safety features

Furthermore, Avelo enhances the underwater skills of divers by incorporating buoyancy control into the Hydrotank, which assists divers in maintaining stable neutral buoyancy and control, thereby improving lung control to achieve stable neutral buoyancy. These improvements have been corroborated by reports showing that the Avelo system has enhanced divers’ buoyancy control, decreased the necessary weight they carry, and extended their bottom times.

Encouraging New Divers

For novice divers, advancing to Avelo is an optimal progression post open water certification. The benefits of utilizing the Avelo system for novice divers are numerous, including:

  • Unparalleled buoyancy control in a lightweight design

  • The opportunity to refine buoyancy control in water

  • Elimination of the air pocket for precise neutral buoyancy

  • Improved maneuverability underwater

  • Exceptional buoyancy stability

  • Enhanced diving proficiency leads to reduced weight usage.

The Avelo system enhances confidence and skill in new divers by:

  • Maintaining stable neutral buoyancy

  • Reducing breathing efforts

  • Allowing divers to dive with less weight

  • Increasing bottom time

  • Enhancing buoyancy control

These factors contribute to a more relaxed and enjoyable diving experience, making Avelo an ideal choice for new divers seeking to enhance their diving skills and experiences.

What Divers Are Saying


An Avelo Diver checking out the weedy seadragons in Sydney

Avelo Dive Centers

Avelo Dive Centers can be found in renowned diving destinations globally, including places like Hawaii, Bonaire, Catalina, and Sydney. These Avelo dive shops offer a variety of services, such as rental services for certified Avelo divers, gear, certification and training, technical support services, and various dive packages.

To enrol in an Avelo Dive Center, individuals can participate in one of their dive trips to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Avelo System. This usually involves completing two dives under the guidance of an Avelo-certified instructor to proficiently develop the necessary skills for safe diving with the Avelo system.

Avelo Certification

Securing Avelo Certification is a crucial milestone for divers aiming to utilize the Avelo Dive System fully. To enrol in the Avelo Certification Course, divers must possess an open water certification, be at least 12 years old, and have engaged in diving activities within the last six months.

The Avelo Certification Course includes online training with access to high-quality materials and covers essential modules for safely operating the Avelo system. Participants are required to complete two dives with an Avelo-certified instructor in order to practice the skills essential for safe diving with the Avelo system.


In conclusion, the Avelo Dive System is a revolutionary advancement in the diving industry, offering divers enhanced buoyancy control, reduced air consumption, and a more enjoyable diving experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced scuba diver, Avelo offers a fresh approach to diving, with promising real-life experiences and comprehensive resources to guide you on your journey. The next step? Take the plunge and dive into the future of diving with Avelo!

Avelo is the best way to advanced your diving - it's simply better scuba

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to do the advanced diving course?

The PADI Advanced Open Water course typically takes two to three days to complete, involving five dives, including deep and navigation dives, with the remaining three dives chosen by the diver and instructor.

What is an advanced diver course?

The PADI Advanced Open Water course allows you to enhance your scuba skills by practising navigation, buoyancy, and deep diving, while also completing three specialty dives of your choice, opening up new dive sites worldwide. You can also earn credit towards PADI specialty certifications for each specialty dive completed.

What is the highest qualification for diving?

The highest qualification for diving is the PADI Master Scuba Diver certification, which requires completion of all previous courses, a minimum of 5 specializations, and at least 50 dives. This certification signifies a high level of expertise in recreational diving.

What is PADI Advanced Open Water?

The PADI Advanced Open Water training provides a range of experiences, such as deeper dives, wreck exploration, and navigation skills. It includes five dives - two core and three electives.

What is the Avelo Dive System?

The Avelo Dive System is a revolutionary scuba technology that combines lightweight durability, improved air consumption, and an integrated buoyancy control feature to enhance divers' underwater experience.

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